Website moving, Commands section, and Mr. Asshole

By K2 on April 5th, 2001 at 3:21 am EST

I know… it’s kind of a weird news title. Keep reading, it’ll all make sense ;-)

Well folks, you may or may not have noticed that I moved the website content over to a new IP address. The DNS records have been updated since then, so more than likely if you’re reading this, now points to the new (temporary) IP address of Oh hey, that looks familiar… yeah, that’s the game server. It IS, isn’t it? (sorry, couldn’t resist…). Reason why the website is being run off the game server is because me and HaDeS are moving into a newer, bigger apartment this weekend, and since the webserver is ran from my apartment… well, you can figure out the rest :-) By an insane measure of good luck, the new DSL hookup in the new apartment is *already* active. Gasp, argh. Never in my life have I ever seen DSL service be activated for someone *before* they were moved in… just bizarre. Anyways… that’s good news. Sooo… this weekend, after we get moved in and settled, sometime Sunday night I’ll copy all the web content back over to the main webserver and discontinue web services on the game box, and re-enable them on the real webserver. FYI – game stats will be down until I get the main webserver back up online. I will have already sent in a request to have the DNS records updated to point to the new IP address, but it will take 24-48 hours for that to update. If using does not work for you come Sunday, use instead, until works again… should be working by late Monday evening/early Tuesday. Be sure to write that IP address down… don’t forget it ;-)

I decided the time was right for a new link to be created on this site. Take a look over to your left… new link there, called ‘Commands’. I have already posted almost every single command both normal users and admins can issue on the Hardfought CounterStrike ports, made possible by Adminmod. All of the normal user commands are high-lighted in yellow, while the remaining are for admin-level access only. If you play on the CS servers a lot, take the time to become familiar with them… no more wondering how to start a map vote or see how much time remains on a particular map. The OSP and GTV sections for the Quake3 Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port will be created shortly.

Alright… this last part of today’s news is not exactly what I had in mind… but someone who *used* to be a regular to the Hardfought CounterStrike public port has decided to make life miserable for the rest of you honest players out there. Why? I dunno for sure… but instead of the usual procedure of banning this person and being done with it, we’re going to make an example out of this person for everyone to see… and to also serve as a warning to anyone else out there who thinks they can pull shit like this and get away with it. Well, guess what… you can’t. You picked the wrong admin to fuck with. Here’s the low down…

Around 3:00 – 4:00AM yesterday morning, someone by the alias of -/ YG /- DaStranga logs into the server, plays maybe 1-2 rounds, then pulls this lil stunt… and this is an exact copy n’ paste from the server logs…

L 04/04/2001 – 04:05:52: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3708><88871><>” connected, address “”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:12:36: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3708><88871>” changed name to “EDITED”

I’ve edited out the name change because I’m not going to show everyone here how to use this exploit exactly… let’s just say that if you change you name to something *very* specific, it causes most if not all of the players from the server to drop… to the client being dropped it seems as if either their own system or the server itself caused them to crash and logout of the server. This is a known exploit in the Half-Life admin community, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it used on Hardfought. Also, just so you know – I’ve since rendered this exploit useless on the Hardfought CS ports.

After this guy does this a few times… changing his name to disconnect players, then changing his name back, and so on and so forth… he has the nerve to play dumb and ask why it’s happening and blames it on the server…

L 04/04/2001 – 04:19:41: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3728><88871>” say “this server is gay”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:20:07: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3728><88871>” changed name to “EDITED”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:32:10: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3741><88871>” say “whos admin?”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:35:40: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3741><88871>” say “see what happens when you talk shit”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:37:05: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3741><88871>” changed name to “EDITED”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:39:05: “EDITED<3741><88871>” disconnected

L 04/04/2001 – 04:46:16: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871><>” connected, address “”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:46:51: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871><>” entered the game

L 04/04/2001 – 04:47:04: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871><>” joined team “TERRORIST”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:47:12: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871>” say “who is admin?”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:53:00: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871>” say “why does this server crash so much?”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:53:46: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871>” say “it crashed on me like 5 times tonight”

L 04/04/2001 – 04:57:41: “-/ YG /- DaStranga<3760><88871>” changed name to “EDITED”

For the sake of having you have to read through every single logged event on the server, I’ve left out some things, like people this guy killed or was killed by while playing. Also… about an hour later, the same person came back and started this all over again, but under a different alias (WON id and IP address matched).

OK… almost done here. On a completely unrelated issue, I was searching the msgboard here to see if any of the users IP’s matched that of a person who tried (unsuccessfully) to hack the rcon_password of the CS port, when I came across again… hmm, that looks familiar :-) It belonged to a person who used the handle [.EXE] on the msgboard here… they only posted one message, back on 3/20/2001. Now… just because they used the name [.EXE] doesn’t mean they belong to that clan… could be a poser, ya never know. Well… I decided to find out for sure, so I dug back a bit further into the server logs and found another match to dated right after midnight on the 4th…

L 04/04/2001 – 00:14:11: “[.E><88871><>” connected, address “”

Oh hey look at that… same WON id, same IP address… just a different username. Someone that most of ya already know, and probably wouldn’t expect this kind of behavior from… I sure didn’t.

Let’s just say… that’s one less *asshole* the rest of ya have to worry about.