Weapons Factory Arena anyone?

By K2 on October 26th, 2000 at 11:32 am EST

I just tried out Weapons Factory Arena 2.0 this morning… whoa. I had played it once or twice when it was version 1, and I have also played Q3 Fortress (I used to run Dallas Q3F) so I am familiar with the whole ‘class-based’ CTF-style way of playing quake. WFA 2.0 is pretty cool… it seems to be more fast-paced than Q3F ever was… probably why it’s so damn popular. There are two Texas-based servers that I know of that get tons of traffic on their WFA port… Dallas WFA v2.0 run by Fluke and the Thunderdome WFA port run by Dr. Demento down in Houston. Between them they can host roughly 46 players. I’m bettin’ there’s more than 46 WFA players in Texas ;-)

I am seriously debating dropping the ‘vanilla’ CTF public port in favor of WFA 2.0. I’ve already got a Classic CTF port open (that one stays… it’s what my clan IVth Crusade plays) and a CTF match port… plus Texas already has a fine and popular CTF public port hosted by the Tejaz Clan over in Abilene called Abilene Arena CTF.

Sooo… keep CTF pub or bring up WFA? Lemme know in the msgboard forums here.