richards, chaotic female elven Wizard
                        ·       ·············                                 
                        ·?+=···%%·····  (·(···                        
                        ·%?` ··%%·····  (((···                         
                        ·!!· ·········+  ·····                         
                        ····  ·······                      
    ···                ······ ········                      
       ·····           ·]((···  +······  ···                         
                        ··(·(···  ···Ω··  ····                        
                        ·(((···  ······+  ····                        

[Richards the Thaumaturge]  St:12 Dx:11 Co:13 In:18 Wi:11 Ch:10  Chaotic
Mine Town:6  $:970 HP:0(37) Pw:81(85) AC:5  Xp:7/1266 T:3332

Latest messages

Autopickup: OFF.
Autopickup: ON, for $"?!=/ objects.
What do you want to adjust? [a-qvwyzAM-QSVWZ or ?*]
Adjust letter to what [q-uxB-LRTUXY]?
Swapping: w - a stethoscope.
You see here a lock pick (26 zorkmids).
What do you want to use or apply? [cenowN-PV or ?*]
In what direction?
Status of Ymla (neutral): Level 11 HP 50(50) AC 0, peaceful.
What do you want to use or apply? [cenowN-PV or ?*]
In what direction?
Status of richards (piously chaotic): Level 7 HP 37(37) AC 5.
In what direction?
The sleep ray hits the pony.
You hit the pony!
You kill the pony!
You see here a pony corpse.
You have extreme difficulty lifting a pony corpse. Continue? [ynq] (q)
r - a pony corpse.
You can barely move a handspan with this load!
The rope golem hits! (4x)
The rope golem grabs you!
You can't do that while carrying so much stuff. (2x)
Are you sure you want to pray? [yn] (n)
You begin praying to Anhur.
The rope golem hits! (2x)
You are being choked.
You die...

Your inventory


a - a blessed +4 quarterstaff (weapon in hands)*
q - an uncursed [+0] dagger
y - an uncursed [+0] elven dagger


b - an uncursed +1 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)*
v - an uncursed +0 pair of riding gloves [leather] (being worn)
S - an uncursed +0 leather armor (being worn)


i - an [uncursed] food ration
k - an uncursed tin [of spinach]
r - an [uncursed] pony corpse


f - a blessed scroll labeled ZLORFIK [of flood]
j - an uncursed scroll of light*
M - a cursed scroll of enchant armor
W - 2 uncursed scrolls labeled GNIK SISI VLE [of gold detection]*


l - a blessed spellbook of force bolt*
m - an uncursed spellbook of cure sickness*
p - an uncursed spellbook of sleep


g - an uncursed potion of gain level*
h - an uncursed potion of paralysis*
Q - an uncursed greasy potion [of levitation]


d - an uncursed +1 ring of increase damage (on left hand)*
Z - an uncursed [+2] platinum ring [of gain wisdom]*


c - an uncursed wand of sleep (0:4)*


e - a [cursed magic] lamp called Magic
n - an uncursed blindfold*
o - an uncursed bell*
w - an [uncursed] stethoscope
O - an uncursed towel
P - an uncursed horn [of plenty (0:4)]
V - an [uncursed tin] whistle


z - an uncursed blue gem [worthless glass]
A - an uncursed white gem [worthless glass]
N - an uncursed touchstone

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

force boltattack0%84%
cure sicknesshealing77%84%

Vanquished creatures

67 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
Spellcasting Skills
attack spells[Basic]
enchantment spells[Skilled]

Dungeon overview

Game information

Seed: u3vmhkr6
Started: 2019-10-14 06:07:33
Ended: 2019-10-27 08:29:29
Play time: PT00:22:13


Goodbye richards the Wizard...
You died in The Gnomish Mines on dungeon level 6 with 5003 points,
and 970 pieces of gold, after 3332 moves.
Killer: rope golem, while praying
You were level 7 with a maximum of 37 hit points when you died.
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    2765841  oh6-Tou-Hum-Fem-Neu ascended to demigoddess-hood.    3259 [3259]
  2    2464000  saxonysam-Wiz-Hum-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.   764 [851]
  3    2338704  arnibald-Con-Hum-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.    790 [790]

 99      64932  ElanDeMain-Ran-Hum-Fem-Neu was poisoned in The
                Dungeons of Doom on level 13.  Poisoned by a locust.   41  [63]
 100      64277  NCommander-Bar-Vam-Mal-Cha died in The Ruins of Moria
                on level 12 [max 16].  Killed by a deep orc, while
                sleeping.                                               - [130]
*         5003  richards-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha died in The Gnomish Mines on          
                level 6.  Killed by a rope golem, while praying.        -  [37]