Turkey Day weekend news

By K2 on November 25th, 2000 at 10:33 pm EST

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving! I sure did… HaDeS and I had our first real thanksgiving together… made a TON of food… still gleaning off the leftovers *burp* … that plus HaDeS had an in-line skating meet she attended. She won five, count ’em FIVE awards over this weekend, including team relay and speed skating :-) Way to go, babe!

First off… I *finally* finished our team roster, so go click on the ‘Roster’ link to the left to see who (or what… /me nudges Cy) Nexus is. Go look at CyBorge’s picture especially… it’s soooo true :-P

On the match/scrim front… our OGL CCTF match against XcP is still on for this Tuesday. Elements of Destruction didn’t reply to our RA3 open team challenge in time, so the OGL ladder software automatically gave us a forfeit win :-/ Was kinda looking forward to that one… anyways, we challenged Red Dragons for their spot on the OGL RA3 open team ladder… and I just now looked, we’ve been awarded a forfeit win over them as well… gah! It looks like they removed their team from that ladder. Oooh kay… looks like that ladder is locked at the moment. I’ll challenge up that ladder as soon as it’s unlocked. On scrims… I’m gonna try and get a CCTF clan scrimmage ring put together, so we’ll all have scrims against each other on a regular basis… should alleviate some of the… undesirable elements of public play. The clans I’ve spoken to so far seem very keen to be included… we’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep ya posted.

Server news… everyone by now should know that id released the Team Arena demo a couple days ago… Team Arena is an add-on from id to include some much-needed elements to the plain version of CTF that came with Quake3 when it was released. In my personal opinion, most of the things id has included with Team Arena should have been part of CTF from the beginning. Better late than never I guess… in light of the demo released, I’ve enabled a Team Arena port on the Hardfought game server… the address is… it’s just one map (bleh) but I’ve written the server config to use each of the four different type of game modes with Team Arena, once per map restart. I brought the port up about 36 hours ago… it’s been PACKED almost the entire time… heh ;-) Guess I’ll have to go out and buy it and host a port when it’s released… you can get the demo here.

Miscellaneous stuff… not gonna do network statistics, at least not anytime soon. I don’t have the upload bandwidth to do that on a regular basis and keep from getting lagged at the same time. Game stats are on hold still as well… I had gotten a hold of a version of CStats2000 that has support for CCTF, but it’s still in beta, and isn’t parsing stats correctly yet. Oh well… until next time…