The November Nethack Tournament

trophy player clan
First Ascension
Most Ascensions
Lowest Turncount
Fastest Realtime
Most Conducts
Most Achievements in One Game
Lowest Score
Highest Score
Longest Streak
Both Genders
All Alignments
All Races
All Roles
All Conducts
All Achievements
The Respectably-Sized Impossible
The Great Impossible
Unique Deaths N/A
Most Unique Ascensions N/A
Most Games N/A
NetHack Master N/A
NetHack Dominator N/A
Medusa Cup N/A
Never Scum a Game N/A
Great Dwarf
Great Elf
Great Gnome
Great Human
Great Orc
Great Archeologist
Great Barbarian
Great Caveman
Great Healer
Great Monk
Great Priest
Great Ranger
Great Rogue
Great Valkyrie
Great Wizard
Lesser Dwarf
Lesser Elf
Lesser Gnome
Lesser Human
Lesser Orc
Lesser Archeologist
Lesser Barbarian
Lesser Caveman
Lesser Healer
Lesser Monk
Lesser Priest
Lesser Ranger
Lesser Rogue
Lesser Valkyrie
Lesser Wizard
Never kill Vlad
Never kill Rodney
Never kill the High Priest of Moloch
Never kill the quest nemesis
Never kill a Rider