Team Fortress 2 at Hardfought

By K2 on October 3rd, 2007 at 5:39 pm EST

Hello all. Once again, we’ve got another server offering, this time in the form of Team Fortress 2. Currently the game is still in beta, but is due to go gold on October 10th. A shitload of people have the beta however, and the game appears to have already become a huge hit. You can play on Hardfought’s TF2 beta server at, default port. This title is running on the second of two servers Boomhauer is hosting for me. Remember the dual Opteron CPU’s, mainboard, and memory I got my hands on during HF LAN #6? That’s the hardware. The server is already full (24 players) as of this post and is running smooth as silk according to a few HF’ers who have already played on it.

Some more good news to report – Suck. has returned from his year-long hiatus, and is now back full-time as an HF benefactor/admin. He’s the one who actually setup the TF2 beta server for all of us, so be sure to thank him when ya see him next. He couldn’t have come back at a better time, as I’m set to deploy back to Iraq soon, and I’ll need all the help I can get… and I can’t think of anyone better qualified than him. Suck will be running the show while I’m away. TF2 looks to be our new bread n’ butter (Crysis is the next one, whoa boy…), and I know Suck will need some help as well, so if you’d like an admin spot, get with either him or myself.

I’m still stuck here at Ft. Irwin til the 6th. As soon as I get back, I’ll get TF2 and play a few rounds with all of ya. Let us know how the server feels, and if there are any settings tweaks we should consider. See ya soon gang.