Scrim with Canadian Carnage, new links

By K2 on November 13th, 2000 at 12:03 am EST

We had our first Classic CTF scrim as a team last Saturday night against Canadian Carnage… nice bunch of guys. They don’t appear to have a website or I would have provided a link… anyways, it took just a bit of time to find a server and things started off smoothly. Unfortunately one of the Canadian Carnage guys overflowed in the middle of the game, but he was able to log back in and finish after being gone for only about a minute or so (we waited until he came back) … CCTF needs a matchpause command like q3comp… Nexus was represented in this scrim by b0ba, misery, HaDeS and FizZ, winning by a score of 19-0. Good goin’ guys and gals :-) You can view stats of the game and a screenshot by following the Battles link to the left… we’re gonna try and keep a complete record of every scrim and match we play.

Another new link is our Roster section… it’s still under development. Still waiting on some replies to that e-mail I sent out earlier today :-P Ah well… time for bed. See ya online!