RA3 match cancelled, new version of q3comp

By K2 on November 19th, 2000 at 5:48 am EST

I was going to report on our first team RA3 match this evening… except the Newfoundland Quakers were nowhere to be found :-/ No website, no IRC channel listed, no replies back to e-mails sent… *sigh* So we should be receiving a forfeit win soon so we can challenge up on the OGL ladder.

I noticed this evening the the Reactive Software group have released yet another version of Q3Comp… 1.27b. Lots of bug fixes and improvements, too many to list here. The match port has already been upgraded so please be sure to download the newest version of Q3Comp as soon as possible. The match port has been gettin’ some decent traffic of late… good :-) For those of you that do use it… make sure to use the ‘Reservation’ link off to the left to claim your block of time. When the match port starts to get busier that will become very important, so start getting into the habit of using it now please :-P

I’m temporarily taking the ‘Network Traffic’ link down… for some reason the MRTG scripts aren’t reading data from the game server at all (although I can read SNMP data just fine from it), and from the web server it reads a constant data transfer of upwards of 12 MB/sec… pfft! I *know* the SNMP traps are set correctly on both machines… ah well. No rush, I’ll go over it later.

Roster should be done very soon… got everyone’s data in finally. YAY… heh :-P See ya soon.