Quick blurb

By K2 on October 1st, 2003 at 2:15 am EST

Just a quick lil post to keep everyone informed about the Hardfought server status concerning Halo. Saw just less than an hour ago a post on the Gearbox msgboard forums an update concerning Halo dedicated server files. Here’s the direct quote –

Now that many of you are getting the game we figured we should give you a heads up on the dedicated server release. The dedicated server is currently being tested by our friends at MS.

Assuming no serious problems are found, expect to see a dedicated server package sometime next week. Until then, MS will be hosting tons of dedicated servers for you guys to play on. Just look for the ded server icon in the browser window.



Bah!! That kinda pisses me off. I can understand why they are doing this, but still… :-/ This means any dedicated servers you see up and going right now will be ran by either Gearbox or Microsoft. And the Gearbox servers are passworded, but you can find the login on their forums. Oh well. I guess I’ll have some time to really get into the single player aspect then before my Halo port goes live. Oh yeah, word is that the retail version has smoother gameplay than the beta did, been seeing screenshots with higher FPS scores at high resolutions and a lot of eye candy turned on. That’s good news.

Sorry for the wait everyone. The second the files come out, a port will be up, rest assured. Keep checking back often. Later…