Quick blurb

By K2 on January 7th, 2003 at 9:11 am EST

Hi all… quick blurb on some stuff for ya this morning. Nothing really important, just figured I’d give ya something to read ;-P

Hardfought LAN #3 contact info was sent out via email just a few minutes ago, so if ya need to get a hold of me before/during the LAN, ya can now. If any of ya attending have any questions that need answering that wasn’t covered in the last email, ask now. Also, please let either myself or Rad-Man know if you can’t attend so we can keep an accurate head count.

Came across an interesting website this morning… Fort Benning’s official homepage. You gotta dig some, but this site has all sorts of cool info, including schedules and up-to-date happenings. Looks like graduation for me will be sometime in early May… I’m assuming they are taking AIT into account. Dunno… guess I’ll find out one way or the other :-)

One last thing… the new remote news posting code I’m using is called Fusion News, version 3.51. It’s pretty damn cool. Check this out…

I can use the integrated formatting switches to manipulate how the output looks just by clicking on a single button. Pretty neat, eh? Thought so :-P

Buh bye now… rofl.