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Postby K2 » Mar 17th, 2018 at 9:53 am

xNetHack is a new NetHack variant, created by aosdict, and based off of NetHack 3.6.1 (still in development status). I've been asked to share some of my YANI's (yet another neat idea) that I and perhaps others would like to see in the game. Some of these ideas already exist in other variants, while others are completely new, and possibly may have never even been discussed before.

This post is primarily for aosdict's benefit, but I would invite anyone to feel free to chime in and post any of their own ideas or modifications to existing ideas. I will most likely update the original post as I think of new things and/or if any ideas are actually implemented.

Elbereth conduct tracking - the game tracks whether you use the E-word or not and tracks it as a conduct. A few NH 3.x based variants do this, as well as all NH4 variants. This is viewed by many within the community as significant, especially for tournament play.

Coloured Walls and Floor - see https://bilious.alt.org/?296 - this patch exists in several variants (I've applied this to two variants myself). Would recommend tweaking the colors if applied to set it apart from other variants (I did this when I applied it to SporkHack).

Auto-unlocking of doors and containers - see UnNetHack for its implementation.

Set a different color for special stairs - UnNetHack originated this I think, and I added it to GruntHack and SporkHack; stairs leading to a special level (the mines, sokoban, going to the planes, etc) are colored differently to set them apart. Again, tweak the color to set it apart from other variants that use it.

HTML dumplog output - again, see UnNetHack, as it's the only variant that does this, and in my opinion, is one of the coolest visual updates to the game. Why the devteam never incorporated this into the official version escapes me.

Curses interface - Tangles and FIQ did an amazing amount of work fixing and adding Curses interface to a number of 3.4.3 based variants, including 3.4.3 vanilla. Again, another change that the devteam has neglected to add. Curses for 3.6.x would be amazing.

New races and/or roles - other variants add a varying degree of playable races and new roles. xNetHack could set itself apart by adding a role and/or race that no one has ever played before. I know the Druid has come up in conversation in the IRC channel before. Maybe adding a race like the hobbit or the troll could be interesting (or as a Minotaur). Adding a completely new role would be a major undertaking, but would be worth the effort.

Changes to artifacts/quest artifacts - other variants have done this, either tweaking the stats on an existing artifact, or swapping it out with something else altogether. One idea I had was for swapping out the Monk artifact, changing the Eyes of the Overlord to something more useful for a Monk, perhaps a pair of silver or mithril gauntlets with some of the same abilities granted by the EotO. Again, if making changes to artifacts, do something that sets this variant apart from anything else.

New special levels - will need to come back to this entry, and probably often. I like how UnNetHack implemented special (optional) levels, xNetHack could do the same with completely new content (EDIT - my kid just gave me a great idea for a special level, has to do with what we're currently building with legos ;) )

Allow certain monsters to have steeds - the Nazgul riding on a dragon like from LotR, or goblins/orcs riding wargs. Higher-rank solder types on a horse. Etc etc. This would be pretty cool to see.

Strength - this has always irked me: there should be a significant difference in to-hit and damage between 18/** and 25.

Racial armor/weapons bonuses and penalties - a handful of variants implement this in some form or fashion already, but I don't recall the details. Basically it'd be this: the player (and monsters probably should as well) would receive a small bonus if they are wearing/wielding gear that is race affiliated. Elves would get a slight AC bonus for each piece of elven armor they wear, and a small to-hit/damage bonus for wielding elven weapons. Conversely, the same elf would receive a small penalty along the same lines if said armor/weapons were orcish or dwarven in nature. And so on and so forth.

Intrinsic changes - SporkHack is the only variant that I know of that does this. In vanilla and most other variants; you eat a corpse, say a winter wolf, you gain permanent cold resistance. In SporkHack, you only gain a percentage of cold resistance. You have to eat X number of corpses that give cold resistance to get to 100%. Also in it's implementation, a corpse that would normal randomly give you different types of resistance, instead gives you a small percentage of all of them (i.e. eating a black pudding corpse would give you a small percentage of cold, shock and poison resistance). Not suggesting that this implementation be added verbatim, but I think it's pretty neat. It makes you have to work for your intrinsic resistances, and makes the tinning kit a much more valuable tool. See commits https://github.com/NHTangles/sporkhack/ ... 215208027b and https://github.com/NHTangles/sporkhack/ ... ec1d390191

Booze effects - when you're drunk, you can feel (and to a certain degree, are) invincible. Drinking an uncursed potion of booze could give a small temporary bonus to damage and hp, but also a corresponding decrease in to-hit. Blessed potion, the effects are slightly more favorable. If you're a dwarf, the effects are more favorable across the board.

Foo-proofing anything with a scroll of enchant weapon - GruntHack allows for this, and I think FIQhack recently added it as well; a confused scroll of enchant weapon should be able to foo-proof any item (if it's not already erode-proof) and not just weapons.
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