Hardfought CS:S pub server config files

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Hardfought CS:S pub server config files

Postby K2 » Nov 14th, 2006 at 2:51 am

The zip file below contains everything in regards to the HF CSS public server configuration, including the various plugins used.

Included - server.cfg, motd.txt, mapcycle.txt, mapfile.txt, autoexec.cfg, banned_user.cfg, banned_ip.cfg, various plugin .dll's (Metamod 1.3, Mani v1.2 Beta N RC2.12 (for metamod), zBlock MAX 2.05, PTBx 1.7x3) along with all of the associated config files.

Everything ya need to start your own public CSS server is contained within this zip file... you could literally unzip this to a fresh CSS server install and fire it up. You'll wanna configure/tweak it to your liking, of course.

Hardfought CS:S public server config w/ plugins
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