Hunted: The Demon's Forge

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Hunted: The Demon's Forge

Postby Timmy » Jun 2nd, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Just picked this one up a couple of days ago so this is an early review. So far its been pretty good, I put it under FPS/Action because the only thing it has that even resembles an RPG is skills you can "level up". As per the usual this is a console (ps3) review.

The good

Easy controls: light attack, heavy attack, block for melee. Aim, shoot, cast for ranged/spells.
Fast paced, can be played co-op
Archery doesn't suck, woohoo!
Either character can cast spells so you can play who you want and still cast.

The Bad

Typical Bethesda graphics, kinda grainy/unsolid looking, walls don't look solid.
Gear is minimal, there is armor but I've only found on peice and that was at the beginning.
Magic weapons are use and toss, similar to Elder Scrolls games since there is no power recharging.
Linear, no free roaming here although there have been quite a few optional side quests.

The meh

Puzzles but nothing so far that required much though to figure out.
Boobies! The elven character has a good sized rack, and the vampire looking gal that sends you on the quest has a ridiculous chest, neither wear much.
Vampire gal just reeks of "I'm gonna suprise betray you at the end", a real suprise would be if she didn't....

I'm gonna say 7/10 for the fun factor, definately not a purchase game as I think a dedicated player could probably finish it in a night or two and I don't see alot of replayability (you can swap characters throughout the game so its not like they have different stories or arcs).


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