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Is it me or...

Posted: Oct 9th, 2006 at 11:14 pm
by KillerClown
Is CAL a ridiculously lousy league? Including admins.

So far this season, we have had 2 completely fubar matches, the first being the preseason match, against a team who had 2 ringers and/or members not listed on their roster, upon filing a dispute, we receive a reply stating CAL can't do anything unless you specifically tell the other team you don't approve of them using players not on their roster, before the match.
Upon Quality Control disputing (where the site claims you dispute an admin's decision where you feel you were wronged (which in this case we were, because the rules specify in multiple areas that a player not on a teams roster prior to a match are not under any circumstance to play in a match) they responded telling us we needed to talk to the admin that made the decision, and as far as I know, we sent a new message to that admin, and never received a response from it. (Granted I do realize preseason amounts to about all of nothing, it's simply the fact of the rules being broken and nothing done about it.)

Tonight we played our week 2 match, during which one of the opposing team members left the server and rejoined as '{myg0t} H4x' then proceeded to join our team and kill a couple of us before the other team decided to kick the guy, then he rejoins as [KCC] Rap!er further interrupting our match until the other team finally decided to kick him again, about 2 rounds after he joined, and subsequently their 5th guy amazingly reappears on the server. (Password protected server, with a password change after the first kick...sounds a tiny bit on the obvious side to me).
Immediately following the match, our team Captain logs in to CAL to file the dispute involving the excess players who appeared and interrupted the match...and he finds a private message from someone claiming to be in the other teams clan.

submit a dispute, the player named ERIK wasn't using his account he was using mine (stole it from me) and also you can get the match over turned because a EE member joined and knifed your player.

Any guesses as to how this dispute will end?
I'm betting on a response with something in the range of....

"CAL can't do anything if you don't specify pre-match that you don't want members of the opposing team joining and knifing your team halfway through match"
"We here at CAL are worthless, we don't enforce our own rules, hell, we don't even read them for that fact...your disputes are worthless, so please don't file any more.

Yes, I'm a bit on edge today, I have an (almost broken) busted thumb on my right hand, a damn terrible cold, and a headache to size of Ca. Sorry if I sound extremely irritated/harsh, but between last season and the start of this one, CAL has been showing me some really stupid shit, and lack of rule enforcement. Hopefully their decision on tonights match will be handled correctly but my outlook isn't very positive so far. :P

Edit: We lost the match 16-14, if it weren't for being so close of a score, we wouldn't have bothered disputing, but 3 rounds of interruption (supposedly by their own clan member) could have changed the outcome of our match significantly. Though we won the round where the guy killed/half-killed a few of our team, we lost the next 2 rounds because the 2 people who were TK'd had no money (The guy just happened to kill us on one of our buy rounds, gg). The 2nd interruption was during the 2nd half of the match, though he didn't tw/tk any of our team, we still had delays because of clearing up he wasn't a part of our clan.

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 1:09 am
by K2
From what I've been hearing from various friends/players/teams/etc over the past year, is that CAL as a whole has been slowly but surely going downhill as far as the quality of their admins go (not just CSS, but a lot of other titles). These admins dont get paid, and they have to take time out from their own lives to play referee to, to put it bluntly, a bunch of whiny lil punk kids. I was an admin for OGL and CAL (q2/q3), and quit after a few weeks because it just wasnt worth the hassle. What I'm seeing in CAL CSS tho, is bad hiring/recruiting - picking admins that arent any more mature than the players on the problem teams they're having to deal with. And also picking admins that are rostered on teams in the league they're an admin for (that's just stupid, and asking for trouble).

If CAL would pay their admins for their time, they could be picky about who they make an admin for starters, and subsequently, those admins would probably take their job more seriously, and actually do a better job, for the simple fact that they're drawing a check.

Does CEVO pay their admins?

That's just my opinion tho ;)

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 8:40 am
by KillerClown
I guess, but I think it's rather pathetic that someone would step up for the position knowing what it entails, only to not perform their job to even 20%. Maybe they don't know what they're getting into? Their fault for not doing more research about the position, IMO. (This is more or less referring to current admins/staff/etc)
I wouldn't want the position for the whole fact I wouldn't want to try and decipher who is hacking and who is not, CS is just so friggin hacked you can hardly tell between the two at times, not to mention there are CAL/VAC passable wallhacks and other sorts of shit (You can view the CAL CSS Anti-Cheat list and see all the way up to CAL-I who are banned for hacking/cheating, sad to think they make it that far before being caught).

(This became pretty evident to me after I spent a couple months on my server watching this one guy, who was really good at hiding his hacking, only to find his name at the top of the CAL anti-cheat list)

Team: Gravity Gaming (Counter-Strike: Source Open)
Name: matt pollock
Handle: Hipposaver
SteamIDs: 0:1:707368, 0:1:7073680
Suspension Information: 12 months (08/05/2006 - 08/05/2007)

I don't know/haven't really heard much about CEVO. (Besides some nub on my clans pub who cried I would be banned if I played CEVO (I guess for owning him over and over, he played as if he had only been playing cs a couple of months)).
Anyone who can detail further how CEVO works and/or how to get your clan in? If their system is better than CAL I'd much rather play in a more well-kept league than in this mess CAL has. (I checked out their site, but shits so cluttered looking and this cold won't ease up so I don't feel like searching for anything on it atm)

Edit: Yes, I JUST realized I could change my user name, after a month of wondering if it was possible. :P

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 3:46 pm
by Burzum
I agree that CAL sucks. (I can finally say that without my team getting banned.)

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 4:28 pm
by Dylan
Like K2 said you get what you pay for and for them to pay their admins they'd most likely have to charge an entrance fee. If you want it to be free you cant really bitch about the service.
Sort of like how whenever someone used to complain about the HF server someone would remove their lips from K2's ass long enough to say "You didnt pay for the server so just be happy its there!" :P
I love you all

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 7:43 pm
by Phoenix
No need for an entry fee, CAL has tons of sponsors and it doesn't even have to be payment with cash. I for one could be bought off for a year with a new top of the line graphics card.

Posted: Oct 10th, 2006 at 8:59 pm
by b0ba
there are too many teams in cal-o to police everyone. you should have status ss the guy who came in and did that etc. get to higher levels and it is fine

Posted: Oct 11th, 2006 at 12:15 am
by KillerClown
b0ba wrote:there are too many teams in cal-o to police everyone. you should have status ss the guy who came in and did that etc. get to higher levels and it is fine
Thats the current dispute's still in the air because it just happened last night, we're still gathering demo's/ss's to submit for the dispute.

The previous incident we had requested rcon status ss's and they refused them to us (for whatever reason). The whole deal was the admin didn't enforce the rule (listed multiple times thorughout the rules) stating players not rostered are not allowed under any circumstance (Which evidently means under no circumstance 'besides a CAL admin that doesn't care if teams use ringers')) to play in matches. And on top of that, the quality control admin (who is supposed to handle complaints about an admins decision where you felt you were wronged) told us we had to talk to the original admin, who in turn never responded to our last message.

Posted: Oct 11th, 2006 at 2:43 am
by K2
Do yourself a favor dude, and drop that league like a bad habit. Join CEVO, at least there ya got a chance to actually win some cash.

Posted: Oct 11th, 2006 at 10:13 am
by EatMoreLead
it is just a stupid game - I suggest getting some sunlight and healing your thumb dude.

Posted: Oct 11th, 2006 at 12:29 pm
by KillerClown
fuck you...and sunlight
Actually, I get out almost every day...I started working for myself a little while back, a bit slow until I get a new car because the current one burns more gas than a flaming gas station.

Thumb's feeling quite a bit better now, as long as it doesn't get touched too hard, still a bit of bruising near the bone, but it's not too bad now, bearable at least. ;o

Posted: Oct 11th, 2006 at 3:14 pm
by K2
Awww, you bruised your thumb? :D

Posted: Oct 12th, 2006 at 12:40 am
by KillerClown
More like smashed/sliced the shit out of it with a flat bar (well, the small curve end, that had recently been sharpened with a grinder) and a hammer about 1/4 inch from my fingernail...but..yeah. ;P