Win 7 Prof.

Anything created by Bill Gates falls under this category. Having problems with your windows operating system? Here ya go.

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Win 7 Prof.

Postby sX » Sep 5th, 2009 at 4:45 pm

You can get it if you sign of for IEEE. No classes needed nor backround check to see if you go to college. Plus tons more of legal software (XP Prof, Vista Busi, etc..) for free when you pay 32 dollars for a year subscription. I know some of you know what it's about already. It's good to have 7 before release.

Free MSDNAA Access for all IEEE Student Members - 275 Programs /inc Windows 7, Vista, and XP Pro - No Classes Needed
Hey guys,
I saw the thread earlier about the Windows 7 release being available on MSDNAA and thought this might be a post useful for some. The new OS was not available through my school. Mods, please feel free to merge with the other post, but I believe this warrants a separate thread. This is only good for CS, CE, and EE students, however, you do NOT have to be enrolled in any computer classes!

MSDNAA is the academic version of MSDN. You must be enrolled in a college or university to benefit from the program. However, it gives you free access to $1000s of dollars worth of Microsoft software.

As many of you may know. All Computer Science, Computer, and Electrical Engineers who are still in school are eligible for an IEEE Student membership. IEEE Student Membership will cost you $15 for a year until August 15 (tomorrow). Sign Up here. []

Now the interesting part. Beginning in June, all IEEE student members were extended access to the IEEE MSDNAA website. Previously it was open only to the computer society. Information here. []

So, if you are an IEEE student member, they are telling you that you have to renew your membership to access the MSDNAA. This is not true. Go to this "forgot password" site [] and enter the email address that you purchased your IEEE student membership. Check your email, and you should have a password to the MSDNAA. This will work even if you have already graduated, providing that you still have an active IEEE student account. You will be able to access the repository immediately.

If you aren't an IEEE Student member, and you are still eligible, PLEASE JOIN. It is worth the $30 (or $15 if ordered by today or tomorrow) just for the software, but it is also something else to list on your resume. Look around and see if you can find some IEEE societies that interest you, because those memberships will really stand out on your resume. If you are ordering today, keep in mind that the MSDNAA account will not be activated immediately. (It could take up to 8 days. It is the same way if you are signing up through your school. But then again, Win 7 isn't due out until October 22nd.) You should receive an email notifying you when it is activated.

Membership in the IEEE is open to individuals who by education or experience give evidence of competence in an IEEE designated field of interest. The designated fields are, in broad terms: Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, Law, and Policy.

Now go get more copies of your favorite M$ OS and software, I will try to post a list in the wiki of whats available.


Both ACM and IEEE's MSDNAA subscription gives you access to various software(and their ISO/exe downloads), with ONE UNIQUE KEY per software

ACM signups usually get their MSDNAA login within 2 days.
IEEE signups take up to 8 days

ACM Membership
$19 for a FULL YEAR, you get 4 licenses/keys (English x86 and x64, French x86 and x64, but you can use the keys for ANY Windows 7 Pro ISO, see the RED SECTION BELOW)
ACM software list [], no login required
ACM Student Membership Form []- $ 19

IEEE Membership
$32 for membership till December 2010, you get 3 licenses/keys (English x86 and x64, French x64, but you can use the keys for ANY Windows 7 Pro ISO, see the RED SECTION BELOW)
IEEE software list [], no login required
IEEE Membership Form [], Join as Student

Windows 7 Pro Licenses/Keys
To get all your keys, you have to go to each Windows 7 Pro page(English x64, x86, French x64, x86(if applicable)), and add all to cart and 'checkout' to see all of your keys

All license keys are only tied to the edition (i.e. Professional, Ultimate, etc.) and NOT the architecture NOR the language. Therefore a 64-bit (x64) key will activate on a 32-bit (x86) install and vice versa provided they are of the same editions. A French Key will activate an English install.
Each license key will only active ONE computer.
This means that (for IEEE), you can use the x64 French key to activate a computer installed using an x86(or x64) English ISO, or vice versa

These keys are a little different from the RETAIL keys you get in October
-- You are supposed to be using these licenses for educational use
-- You might have difficulty reactivating these licenses on the same computer after upgrading some hardware. You should be able to call Microsoft(Windows will give you a phone number if this happens) up to get a reactivation code

Addition Note on Windows XP Licenses/Keys
There are ISOs for Windows XP w/SP3, SP2, SP1, or w/o SP available. You can get all keys for each, but only need to download the ISO for SP3. All 32-bit Windows XP license keys will work on any Service Pack you choose. However, 32-bit and 64-bit XP license keys will only work on their specific architectures and are not interchangable.

Differences between Windows 7 Editions(Pro vs Ultimate)

Install Windows 7 faster from USB Drive
Want to install Windows 7 faster? Try doing it from a USB drive:

ACM Typical Sign up Timeline
- sign up and ACM will send you log-in information
- then you will have to wait till ACM lets you opt-in for MSDNAA membership --- it will take approx. 1 to 2 days --- to check if you can "opt-in", log in to "MyACM" and under the "My Services" tab you will find a light blue box saying "Access ACM’s Student Academic Initiative (SAI) Programs: Developer Academic Alliance (formerly MSDN AA), Sun Academic Initiative, and CA Academic Initiative" --- click on "Developer Academic Alliance" link in this box and if ACM has already processed your payment, you will be able to "opt-in" (however, you do not have to wait for the payment processed email ACM will sent you)
- once you "opt-in", MSDNAA will send you their log-in info within 24 hours (check your junk mail folder - my email was buried in junk)
- once you got your MSDNAA login info, you will be able to log-in here and download your software

IEEE Typical Sign up Timeline
Within approximately 8 days of your renewal and payment being processed or your new application being processed and accepted, a separate e-mail with user account and login information to access your free software will be sent to the e-mail address on your IEEE record. Please make sure you provide your e-mail address because that is the only way you will receive information about the offer.
- sign up
- wait <8 days
- get an email from MSDNAA

Q: If you already have membership through your school to a limited MSNDAA based on Major/Degree, can you still sign up with ACM or IEEE and have access to both the software offered through your school and that of ACM or IEEE?
A: Yes

Windows 7 Pro does not have the regular games that came with the Windows 7 Ultimate RC preinstalled but you can enable games by going to Control Panel and then Programs and Features. Click on Turn Windows Features on and off. Find the games catagory and put a check mark on it. Hope that helps others.

Tips on how to Use Windows 7
Read through this to learn how to use 7 effectively- what new features there are etc.

Damn. I have to get the links up and running. They have the webpages there, but you have to see look at it closely. They should be like [] etc..

I'll fix them tonight after work. Just a heads up.

And of course.. original thread here..
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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby K2 » Sep 6th, 2009 at 10:14 am

They mention anything at all about win7 ultimate?

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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby sX » Sep 6th, 2009 at 5:54 pm

HA! No, I wish..

It's only Win7 Prof. You can get it in 3 ways. x86, x64, x64French. You can just burn one dvd of x64 and use the cd keys (french, english) for that dvd. Of course you have to use the only x86 with the x86 cd key.

So 3 copies. I have one on my main rig, netbook and my pr0n machine.. WOOT!

Picked up some copies of Vista Enterprise x64/x86 and Vista Business as well.

Finally some legit copies for the home. Collect the whole set!
(o )^( o) Tetas.

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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby Catharsys » Sep 7th, 2009 at 12:58 pm

That's pretty awesome. I think my sister is still/was a member of IEEE and ACM, I should tell her.

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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby Best_predator » Sep 9th, 2009 at 4:21 am

I get that shit for free muahahahaha.
Sneaky bastard...
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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby Suck. » Sep 9th, 2009 at 8:34 am

Best_predator wrote:I like cock sandwiches muahahahaha.


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Re: Win 7 Prof.

Postby Catharsys » Sep 18th, 2009 at 10:01 am

Read that they disabled that offer due to misuse. Think it was on Lifehacker. There is a new offer of getting Win 7 Home Prem or Profession Upgrade for $29.99 with a valid student ID.

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