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Server Status monitor

Posted: Apr 15th, 2017 at 3:43 pm
by K2
Some of the old-timers here at Hardfought may remember way way back when I used to run MRTG (multi router traffic grapher) on the site to show historical data on cpu/ram/network usage of the game servers. Last time I had it up and going was back in 2005. Now that I've got the web/mail/game server all on the same machine, I decided I wanted some sort of web-viewable monitor again. I started poking around at other alternatives to MRTG, and found Linux Dash. It's not historical like MRTG was (snapshot every 5 min showing graphs per 24 hrs / 1 week / 1 month), instead this one is in realtime. There's pro's and con's to both, but for my intent right now, I think realtime will be more useful.

Check it out - - I've modified the output to match the theme of the site, and any feedback or suggestions are welcome.