Posting pictures and file attachments

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Posting pictures and file attachments

Postby K2 » Apr 12th, 2009 at 4:11 am

With the old msgboard, I had to add a mod to allow images and pictures to be uploaded and stored locally on the server for any pictures you wanted to post and share. With the new board, that ability is already built-in.

To post an image, post a reply normally (not quick-reply), and scroll down to the attachment section (tabbed). Once there, just browse to whatever image you want to upload, label it (optional), upload it, then include it into the post - doing so will generate some bbcode labelled 'attachment'. You can place it anywhere in your post. Image size isn't a concern, as the board will auto crop it to fit the forum.

And of course you can upload other file types to share as well. Max file/image size is 8MB.

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