SQL Error: 1114 - The table 'phpbb_sessions' is full

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SQL Error: 1114 - The table 'phpbb_sessions' is full

Postby K2 » Oct 17th, 2006 at 10:04 pm

You've probably seen this error lately. It's because I raised the cookie session timeout WAY past one hour, and the sessions table is becoming full before it can clear out expired cookies.

Another part of that problem are spider bots from places like google.com, searching for info. Even a 'guest' viewing the forum creates a session.

I had a fix for this in place a long time ago (think back to 2004) - it's not so much a phpBB fix as it is a MySQL dbase alteration. Since I created a new dbase from scratch when I did the overhaul, the fix was not included.

I'm in process of fixing it (again) now. Here's my handly lil guide - http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article.php?article_id=42

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