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Picture in personal profile

Postby K2 » Oct 7th, 2006 at 4:22 am

I've brought this back with a better, more updated script, now that the overhall/cleanup of the msgboard code has been completed. By clicking on your profile link up above, you'll see a section where you can upload a picture to be included in your profile. The picture file size can be as large as 10 MB (but no larger, and it'd be wise to make sure it's smaller, as the PHP upload limit via my host is right at 10 MB), and the height/width dimensions can be anything you like - whatever sized pic you upload, it will be scaled down to 320x240 (anything smaller should retain it's original scale).

Optionally, you can make your profile pic also act as your forum avatar (this will also scale automatically to conform to the size limits already set on the board). You'll see the check box for this right underneath where you browse for your picture.

Make sure to hit the 'Submit' button at the bottom of your profile page to make all changes active.

Example profile with a picture uploaded - http://www.hardfought.org/phpBB2/profil ... rofile&u=2

I like this script a lot better than the old one I spliced in from before. Enjoy :P

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