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Email validation

Postby K2 » Oct 1st, 2006 at 2:48 pm

Last night I sent out a mass email to everyone that holds an account on the msgboard here. Well, two of 'em actually ;) The second one was to see exactly who had a valid email account associated with their account.

I recently installed a script on the board, that allows me to force a user to change their email address to one that is valid if they have an invalid address - until they change it, they can view the board and the topics, but will be unable to post/reply, or view private messages until they change their email addy.

I got about 20 bounced back emails last night out of 240 accounts, so just under 10% of you had invalid/expired email addresses. Two of those 20 were bot accounts that I had missed previously, so I deleted them. The remainder will have to change their email addy to be able to use the board.

Some of you on that list are regs - Nad, b0ba, SaGe^KS, sgarista, and a couple others I cant recall just now. You'll find out soon enough ;)

I put this in place so that I could send out a mass email to all users (dont worry, I wont do it often ;) ), and know that the message is reaching everyone, and not have my email account flooded back with bounced emails. It is pretty cool, I got replies back from a few ppl we havent heard from in a long while, including TXA and Yalster, both of who are still in Iraq (and doing fine, fyi).

Fix your email accounts, you! lol :P

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Postby Best_predator » Oct 2nd, 2006 at 11:04 am

Glad to hear TXA and Yalster are doing fine, even though i never really got to meet them. They left few months after i came around to hf.
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