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Please Stay Calm

Postby Suck. » Apr 20th, 2013 at 11:22 am

Please Stay Calm (PSC) is a fun mobile app game using real-life locations in a zombie apocalypse scenario. It's quite fun, and doesn't require a lot of time, but does take a few bucks here and there to remain highly competitive. It's still possible to get some free credits every day for a daily login bonus, posting to social media (I just have it set to post to "Only Me" visibility on Facebook), and optionally watching a few ads a day. It is possble to earn about 15 free credits per day. If you're judicious with your use of these credits, you can be a viable player without spending a dime on the game. You just have to be more disciplined, and it will take longer to improve your character. The game is available for free for both iOS and Android.

There are semi-frequent events in which players (survivors) can gain more powerful weapons, titles, and goodies by completing various quests, but the main gameplay is centered around four key activities: Hunting Zombies (Zeds), Scavenging for Supplies and Loot, Dueling other Survivors, and Healing Friends. Crafting of items and/or weapon mods has been promised as a feature soon to come. All four activities build on skills that contribute to your overall survivor rating (pointless, but a good measure of how strong a player at a given level is). Supplies and cash can also be gained by establishing outposts and collecting them periodically, which builds your Trade skill, another contributor to your overall survivor rating. You can use cash earned from dueling or hunting to buy weapons, armor, and vehicles, and supplies gained from dueling, healing, or scavenging are used to upgrade said items. All activities except healing use the GPS on your mobile device to find real-life locations near you to hunt, scavenge, and build outposts at, and to determine distances between you and other players for dueling purposes. You can link the app to Foursquare in order to have more control over which locations show up for you, especially useful for daily perks, in which particular location types are often given some type of boost. I play the game strictly via wifi on an iPad or an old iPhone, neither of which has cellular service.

What keeps me coming back to the game, however, are the other players, not unlike my CS:S days with this community. General Chat (GC) is where everyone that plays the game, regardless of where they are in the world, or what safehouse they're in, can gather to talk (English only, though, sorry sX :twisted:). Talking in GC does require chat tokens, of which you're given 20 when you start, but you can purchase additional chat tokens using credits. For reference, you can get 5,000 tokens for 250 credits (about $5), which isn't too bad. When you join a safehouse, you can talk for free in safehouse chat (SHC) without restriction. Larger safehouses have upwards of 50 members, but I prefer a more close-knit, underdog safehouse with a crew of about 15 survivors. It is also possible to whisper other players, which usually uses chat tokens as well, except on zHarmony perk days, when whispering is free.

If anyone is interested, look me up. I have a main character I spend money on [Grantophus (Friend Code: 6D1DEA5E7)] and a free-credit only alt [Raygent (Friend Code: 52471B0B3)].


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