Bioshock 2

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Bioshock 2

Postby Timmy » Apr 29th, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Picked this one up today at EB Games for $35, since money is a lot tighter than it used to be for me, I won't be buying 6+ games a month at full price anymore (really shouldn't have even when I had the money, but thats another thread).

First off I'll agree with what many reviews have griped about, you don't "feel" like a big daddy. They explain this in the story as you being an earlier less tank-ish prototype, the defense part is annoying but logical since you aren't the latter generation uber Big-Daddy, but the weapons (which you can take directly from later generation BDs) are still on the weak side. That said the game is every bit as fun as the first game (which BTW is a rare Timmy loved game, heh), I'm currently playing through as a goody two-shoes type, and it's a total thrill rescuing the little sisters. I plan to play through again being evil but I dunno if I'll be able to kill the little sisters cuz they're so freaking adorable "nobody hurts my daddy!". Plasmids (super powers) are the same I remember from the original (shock, fire, telekinesis, charm, etc) but now you can use them with one hand while using a weapon in the other, making combonation attacks a snap.

So far I figure I've found at least half the weapons but still pretty much just use the drill arm/shock plasmid combo (stun em with shock, then maul em with the drill). Money seems more common in B2 than before, I'm often maxed out in money and full of all ammo but them that could be due to my love of the drill arm, hehehhe.
Carrying a little sister on your back really makes you feel heroic even if you aren't the uberest of Big Daddy's, she constantly cheers you on and scolds the enemies :), she'll also harvest adam (currency used to buy powers) from certain corpses which adds a whole new dimension to the game, while she's harvesting she'll attract loads of adam starved enemies and you have to protect her from them. The first time I did it I was nearly overwhelmed and thought, fuck this, it's too rough for some adam, but soon learned to create defenses (trap rivets which act like claymores, hacked security bots, and alarm systems) which levelled the field quite a bit.

Lastly there are big sisters, like super female ninja Big Daddy's who will show up if/when you rescue too many little sisters/harvest too much adam. You'll get a warning one is on the way and you really need to find a good defensible spot and set up well. She comes at you fast with a full compliment of plasmid abilities to torment you with, VERY nasty. My first encounter with one I unloaded pretty much everything I had at her and probably missed 90% of the time (mostly due to panic, hehehe).

Overall I'd give this one a 9.5 (my only gripe being not feeling Big Daddyish).


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