Fable 2

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Fable 2

Postby Timmy » Nov 9th, 2008 at 12:23 am

Just got this one today so I haven't logged tons of time on it yet. First impression I like it, looks nice, fairly easy interface especially considering all the options. Lots of little details, the dog is great (you have a pet dog pretty much from day 1). He assists you in combat a bit (he mauls anyone you knock down), can sniff out treasure chests and spots to dig for loot, even does tricks and plays fetch. I cracked up when I was walking up a road and he ran off ahead to "christen" aroad marker :)

They changed up the paths, at least from what I've played so far, there doesn't seem to be any thief elements (you can steal, and kill, just no "skills" like stealth). You can focus on melee, ranged, or magic, or of course be a hybrid but I think like most games Hybrid would be a rough go. My first run through I'm going ranged, some nice options, I'm currently using a rifle that has some serious range easily picking mobs off before they can get anywhere near me. The combat is very much like Fable, a bit slower paced so you can focus on a bit of tactics, not just spaz on attack and pray or hold block until you block then counter, rinse repeat. I do alot of John Woo stuff, shoot, roll out of danger, shoot again. Can't wait til I get sub-targetting and I can shoot weapons out of peoples hands, or nut shot em so they drop and my doggin can maul em :)

While it doesn't have the gritty real feel of Fallout 3, the ease of play, fun factor, and no annoying bugs (so far) more than make up for it.


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Postby Best_predator » Nov 9th, 2008 at 7:11 pm

It was as short as the first game. A lot more to do in here though as far as side quests and other stuff. Overall I'd rate it same as the first game.

One trick to get you leveled up fast is when you're gone as far as the Arena(or just areas where u killed a lot of people fast without getting hurt) and drink some of the "skills" potions that you can buy, those skills potions go up to 12000(you can buy at the arena every run) to 60000(pretty rare) bonus exp. Which is then multiplied by 300% if you did an "awesome" fight. So you can level up real fast with 180,000 points in 1 potion. After about 5-8 runs through Arena i had everything I wanted as far as strength and magic goes.

Also, I found that the easiest "job" was partending. After 3x multiplies as soon as you see yellow just hit "done". And you'll always hit it even if it lands on yellow(for some reason).
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