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Posted: Mar 17th, 2008 at 10:47 pm
by Timmy
Anyone looking into this one? It hasn't even hit open beta yet, but its VERY much like Ultima Online in structure, skill based not class level (sorry Mav, no grinding). Except its 3D, lots of character options, REAL pvp, not the gay go to "war" zones and fight for bragging rights on some gay forum, no its I kill you, I take yer stuffs! Just like UO before the lameness started. I'm ok with this because A) there are serious reppurcussions for being a ganker, and B) all items can be crafted, and all will decay, so its not a huge loss (again early uo, you get pked, you go get new eq and yer off again). There are prestige classes that are more like classes in other games, but these are optional and offer benefits and weaknesses.

I'm actually looking forward to a MMO, hopefully it won't suck and I can cancel my "its ok for now" UO accounts.