CGRemote and AntMiner S1

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CGRemote and AntMiner S1

Postby K2 » Apr 12th, 2014 at 1:34 pm

If you have multiple S1's, there's a program you can purchase that will allow you to monitor and control them remotely. It's called CGRemote, you can get it from here - - cost is $25 and you can pay directly in bitcoin.

CGRemote control and monitoring of the S1 isn't automatic. You have to edit a couple files on your S1 first before you can use CGRemote with them. First off, make sure that your S1 has the latest firmware and that it's version of cgminer is 4.2.0 or greater (see this link for cgminer update instructions - viewtopic.php?f=25&t=7778)

Once you're ready, SSH into your S1 and edit this file - /etc/config/cgminer

You're going to add two new lines and edit a third. The two new lines are:

Code: Select all

option api_port '4028'
option api_listen

Those new lines go right above the line you're going to edit. That line is:

Code: Select all

option api_allow 'W:'

And assuming your home network is a 192.168.1.x subnet, you're going to edit it to look like this:

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option api_allow 'W:,W:192.168.1/24'

Write the file and exit out of your editor. What W:192.168.1/24 does is allow read and write access to the S1 from any system with a 192.168.1.x IP address. If you home network were, then your line would look like W:10.0.1/24

Also look the file /etc/init.d/cgminer and look for this line:

Code: Select all

PARAMS=" --lowmem $AOPTIONS $POOL1 $POOL2 $POOL3 $_pb --api-allow $_aa --api-listen"

If that line does not exist, add it, and delete or comment out any other PARAMS line that you see near it. Write to file and exit.

You'll need to reboot your S1 for the changes to take effect.

On the CGRemote side - to add your S1, from the main screen on the right, select 'Action: add new miner' and click GO. That will bring up a new window where you add the parameters for the new miner you want to add. Label it anything you want. IP address is whatever you assigned to your S1 during initial setup. Port will be 4028. Hit save, you're good to go. Any other parameters are optional and up to you.

Any questions or any cool tips and tricks in using CGRemote, post 'em here.

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