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Files section - custom maps, patches/tools/utilities, etc.
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Hardfought Files Section

Postby K2 » Sep 23rd, 2006 at 3:50 am

This section was created to provide a convenient and hassle-free place for members of the Hardfought community to download whatever files they may need, whether it's a custom map that's been added to the gaming server, or a patch for a frequently used program, and so forth.

I'll try to maintain a system, so that you know what each file pertains to (example: would put something like (CSS) after the topic title so you know that file has to do with Counterstrike: Source).

Replies to each 'topic' will not be possible, however everyone can download the content found here, whether you're a registered member, or just a guest passing through.

Enjoy :P

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