dedicated server

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dedicated server

Postby Deleted User » Oct 12th, 2003 at 10:10 am

How do we set up a dedicated server on our box?

Thanks alot k2, your a good guy
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Postby K2 » Oct 12th, 2003 at 10:37 am

Heh... I'm actually quite evil, I just pretend to be nice ;)

To set up a dedicated server - gonna need version 1.02, you can find all the files ya need here in the 'Files' section of this site (grab first ded server file install first, it has all the maps, then just install 1.02 on top of it).

The 1.02 installer hates you. It hates you because it knows you're going to hate it. If ya have problems (like I did) changing the install path, just let it install where it wants to and move the files over afterwards if you installed everything in your own custom folder.

READ the manual that came with 1.02 install. Has all the command line switches ya need to know about to get things started.

As far as setting up the init.txt file... here's what mine looks like:

Code: Select all

sv_name "HardfoughtHalo2"
sv_maxplayers 16
sv_public True

sv_rcon_password ******

sv_mapcycle_timeout 30

sv_mapcycle_add timberland HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add bloodgulch HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add sidewinder HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add deathisland HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add dangercanyon HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add icefields HF_Assault
sv_mapcycle_add infinity HF_Assault


That's for my second Halo port, or 'server' as everyone likes to call 'em ;) For sv_name, you're limited to 15 characters at the moment. If ya put spaces in the name, it has to be wrapped in quotation marks. sv_public (True/False) - make damn sure you capitalize true or false, or it may not work. Rcon password, that's up to you.

As far as the mapcycle goes - when you add a map, you use the actual filename of the map in question (it'll all be one word, no spaces) and then after that, the gametype you want. Halo has all those several game types to chose from, like CTF, Assault, Slayer, etc. I made my own custom game type for Assault and CTF (all I did was change respawn and map time limits).

To make your own custom game type - see progamerz thread on the subject under the FPS games forum, it's pretty detailed. Make damn well you DON'T use spaces in the title of the custom game type you make.

Mapcycle.txt will pretty much mirror the data in the init.txt file concerning maps...

Code: Select all

timberland HF_Assault
bloodgulch HF_Assault
sidewinder HF_Assault
deathisland HF_Assault
dangercanyon HF_Assault
icefields HF_Assault
infinity HF_Assault

... they say 1.02 doesnt use this file anymore - I go ahead and have it set just in case.

OK, you're set... just fire up haloded.exe and that's it. I recommend using either w2k server or w2k3 server as a host for Halo dedicated. WinXP/2000 will work, but the server versions are much more suited for this kind of app.

I also recommend using serverdoc ( to kick off each instance of haloded.exe - it will restart the port instantly on the event of a crash or lockup. Less ya gotta go into your server and fuck with things, the better ;)

Hope this help.

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