Stranded 2

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Stranded 2

Postby Timmy » Jun 8th, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Found this free survival strategy game while browsing turn based strategy games (its not turn based btw). Its sort of a first person version of Sim Castaway but much easier and less annoying, the adventure portion is kinda odd, the translation from German isn't spot on, heheheh. There are mods being made for the game, the German "extended mod" mod is more casual gamer from what I've seen, even not reading German I had a pretty easy time surviving (crafting was a pain though). There is an English mod called "Massive Mod" that has a ton of stuff in it, it's designed to make the game harder for the more hardcore people, even on easy level survival can be rough.

Heres the original game link:

and Here's the Massive Mod link (still being tinkered with by its creator, ignore the download page info, just download off the first page, definately read about the burn fix on page 43 though, since his hotfix link got wiped)


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