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Postby Timmy » Aug 18th, 2008 at 12:21 pm

How to start.....

I grabbed this one not because I'm a Civ or Sid Meier fan, but because it was turn based and not RTS. I admit I'm not so hot at the RTS games, I'm a lousy micromanager and generally play defensive so zerg rush or overwhelming computer advantages pretty much cream me.

At first I was impressed, Game play is pretty smooth, and I fell right into it easily. I think most people play it conquest style at first, and really this is pretty much all the game offers. Diplomacy is non-existant, countries you are at peace with will suddenly demand technology/gold of you and failure to comply almost always ends with them declaring war on you. Every game has you and 4 other nations, these nations never seem to fight with each other, the only time I've seen one country take anothers city is through the people defection that automatically happens when two cities borders connect and one city is vastly superior the weaker one will be absorbed. In order to achieve the non-war victories you pretty much have to got to war and beat down the other countries so they don't overwhelm you while you race for a peaceful win.

Also it's too cartoony, almost like they were trying to appeal to a younger crowd, the world is pretty small due to the larger cartoony look. You'll bump into other countries VERY early in the game, and will be rivals for expansion pretty much from day one. The countries seem kinda imbalanced, while no country has unique units (some countries have unique looking units, but no game advantages), some have vastly superior advantages. Some countries have bonuses for early age units, but with the speed you move through the ages and upgrade unit types you'll be beyond the bonus before you can really take advantage of it, there are other really useless advantages like a bonus technology at a certain age, again you'll probably have researched it, or would only need 2-3 turns to research it by the time you'll get it so its really a weak bonus. Other advantages are huge like Spain starting with Navigation which lets them build galleons long before anyone else resulting in serious sea advantages (most artifacts are hidden on small islands only accessable by deep water vessels) so while everyone else is puttering in shallow water with galleys, the Spanish are quickly snatching up "hidden" treasures ,and mauling any galleys the run into. The most overpowered advantage I feel is the Aztecs first one, units fully heal after a victory in combat, this is HUGE, pretty much every unit suffers damage in a fight they win leaving them succeptable to loss via waves of weaker opponents. Not so the Aztecs, add in science from temples (happy people AND faster research), half cost roads(huge since you need roads to move quickly from city to city, and they are expensive), and the final 50% gold production at the final age and the Aztecs imho are the kings of the game.

Most of the bonus scenarios involve starting with lots of technologies, I don't get the appeal of playing a development game, and then starting with lots of them already done, yaya lets give the computer the one advantage the player has in the game (generally faster technology development). I'm guessing that if everyone is at the peak level maybe the non-war finishes are more viable since top tier defense units in a well made city are damn near untouchable.

I've never played the other Civ games, but I've seen the manuals and they're huge compared to revolutions, so I'm thinking this might be Civ-lite for a younger crowd.

I give this one a 6, its fun, and interesting, just not very deep and something is just wrong when Gandhi is demanding stuff from you and then telling you he's gonna kick yer azz......


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Postby Best_predator » Aug 18th, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Yea, I thought they'd dumb it down a lot. That's why I didn't bother trying it out. I'll stick with civ 4. It's kind of complicated but can be fun once you learn how to play and manage everything. If you try micromanage everything but it'll become unbearable 30min single turn. There are a lot of auto controls that are offered to you which makes it easy at lower level games.
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Postby JayPhat » Aug 18th, 2008 at 9:35 pm

I am waiting for Timmy to put out a game review that doesn't slam the shit out of it.

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Postby Timmy » Aug 18th, 2008 at 9:59 pm

I didn't slam this one, and I've given a few other games decent reviews. I'm picky, I want a game to entertain me, not be pretty, or have 8 hour cut scenes.

Just to name a few I've really enjoyed in the past year.

COD4 (this one actually lived up to the reviews)
Uncharted (great game thast slipped under the radar)
Resistance Fall of Man (eagerly awaiting the follow up game)
Just Cause (another under the radar game)
Bioshock (great game, LOVED the feel)
Crackdown (decent fun, kinda short though)
Saints Row( IMHO better than GTA4 in almost every respect, waiting for sequel)
Dawn of War (excellent 40k squad based games)
Mass Effect (fun game, and yeah elevators do suck)

So there, a pretty decent list of games I enjoyed, I just buy alot of games, and since it seems like 1 good game is released for every 10 shitty ones, I get a lot of lamers with the winners.

I used to go off the internet reviews, but at least for me it seems like they don't even play the games, the score is based on how much they get paid......


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Postby Phoenix » Aug 25th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

I'm a PC Civ geek and I must say this was a huge disappointment, bought it used cause I was unsure and less than a week later it was back on the shelf at gamestop. I know the goal was to allow you to play a game in under 10 hours but I miss my massive games with 18 civs and huge maps, this was just a dud. As Timmy pointed out, you are in constant war, and while if you can make a choke point and block out the enemy you can get to a peaceful win its not like Civ IV BTS where you can actually avoid war all game and win. My score 4/10. I beat it real fast and sent it back.
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