Players and their Z-scores

This list is compiled by looking at each player's ascensions. Your Z Score for a role is the number of times you've ascended that role, with a twist. The first ascension in a role is worth 1 point, the next 1/2 points, the next 1/3 points, and so on. This means it's worthwhile to spread your ascensions out evenly (since your eighteenth wizard ascension is worth .0556 points while your first caveman is worth 1 full point).

In other words, this is meant to be an alternative to the best all around players which is (in some eyes) flawed because it considers score, and score is not a very good estimator of ability.

Rank Player Name Total Z-score Arc Bar Cav Hea Kni Mon Pri Ran Rog Sam Tou Val Wiz
1stk210.5000001.0001.0001.0001.0001.5001.000 1.000  1.0001.0001.000
2ndhothraxxa6.5000001.0001.000 1.000    1.000  1.0001.500
3rdjt4.500000   1.000    1.500  1.0001.000
4thelenmirie2.500000   1.000        1.500
5thTangles2.000000           1.0001.000
6thGrasshopper1.833333            1.833
7thaosdict1.000000           1.000 
7thaosdictj1.000000           1.000 
7thDemo1.000000         1.000   
7thFIQ1.000000            1.000
7thMandevil1.000000      1.000      
7thTariru1.000000           1.000 
7thTokage1.000000            1.000