New member to Nexus CS team, new maps, etc

By K2 on May 6th, 2001 at 4:05 pm EST

Oh my… been over a week since our last news post… gah! :-P

To start off, I’d like to officially welcome MeMGhost^KS to the Nexus CS squad. He’s an excellent team player and all around nice guy, and should make a nice addition to the team. Tell MeM congrats the next time you happen to see him around :-P I may be making another announcement here soon about an addition to our Classic CTF team to help replace a couple people we lost (and miss)… so stay tuned.

I’m sure those of you that frequent the Hardfought CounterStrike port have been following our little game stats drama as it’s been unfolding… heh :-) I think I’ve got this sucker nailed down almost. What I’m about to mention I kinda already posted on the message forum here, but I’ll post it here, too… just for good measure. After resetting stats and squashing a couple odd bugs that were keeping people from being ranked, I had noticed that some stats were still not being recorded, even after accounting for a few log files that ½ Life doesn’t close properly. So… I changed the method that halfStats uses to parse the logs. Instead of saving already processed data and adding to it on each subsequent pass, I’m having halfStats read the log files fresh… every single time now. It appears the way that halfStats stores past processed data and adds to it is broken somehow, because running stats fresh everytime seems to be *very* accurate… even the logfile size indicator is displayed correctly. The only downside to this is that it now takes a very long time to run stats… last count was 27 minutes on a batch of logfiles only 6 days old :-/ Because of this, I’ve changed the scheduling on when stats run for the CS ports – it’s now one every 3 hours for the public port, starting at 12:00am CST, and once a day on the CS match port, starting at 10:30pm CST. Hopefully beta 8 of halfStats will help resolve the database issues and allow me to run stats effectively on an hourly basis. I guess we’ll see, hopefully sooner than later.

A new voting poll is now up… I’m asking to see if you CS die-hards would like to see AWP weapon restriction and pistol round only voting enabled on the public port. I can do this easily via an Adminmod plugin… it would allow you to vote to have the AWP restricted per map, and would also allow you to vote on whether you’d like to play a map in pistol round only mode or not. If the majority of you vote YES to having either of these, the vote percentage will have to be fairly high on the server to get it to pass (80% or more most likely)… I don’t want these modes of play on the public port enabled unless the majority of players there want them. Anyways… go vote, I’d like to see whatcha think.

From last months voting poll, the majority of you said YES to having that new map pack loaded on the server. So… May 13th is the day, folks. Next Sunday, all the maps in the new de map pack will be available for play on both CS ports. These maps include cs_galleon-f, cs_india, cs_rio, de_barain, an altered version of de_heat, de_seaside2k, and as_rising_sun. Be sure to get this map pack *now* so you’re not stuck downloading them at a snail’s pace in-game from the CS port next week. As always, you can get this map pack from our ‘Files’ section. NOTE – de_heat in this map pack is slightly different from the de_heat from the Planet Half Life map pack… come Sunday, if you haven’t installed this new map pack and de_heat comes up in rotation, you’re probably gonna have problems. Just an FYI for ya.

Custom sprays – yup, I turned ’em off again… sorta. Some of the content being uploaded is just not appropriate, so… if you’d like your custom spray to be seen and used on the CS public port, send me your pldecal.wad file (or whatever you’ve named it) via email to I’m using a program called ‘Wally’ to view the .wad files so a separate image file isn’t necessary. Also, don’t just send me an image file… I don’t have time to make your logo’s for you :-P After approval, I’ll upload your .wad files to a test server and then copy that server’s custom.hpk file to the public port. Download’s are still enabled so you’ll be able to see other people’s custom sprays as well… but to get ’em there you gotta go through me now :-)

To wrap up… Hardfought’s 6 month anniversary is coming up on the 11th of this month. I’ll be doing another news post that day and hopefully I’ll have something kinda special planned for everyone. I’ll keep ya posted. See ya online folks…