New CS Match server scripts, Intelistats, etc

By K2 on March 20th, 2001 at 8:05 pm EST

Hiya gang… just some quick news tidbits for ya to keep everyone in the know…

First off… a couple new script modifications have been added to the Hardfought CounterStrike Match port ( The biggest one is the incorporation of being able to vote to turn friendly fire ON or OFF… this should make the CS match port appeal to pretty much all CS clans out there, not just the hardcore FF ON types :-P Once logged into the match port, drop down the console and type /admin_vote_ff … it’s that simple. Just vote yes/no, the server will notify you as to the results of the vote. Also, I changed the AdminMod default time from being able to vote for a map change from 10 minutes to 5 seconds… a must if you wanna get a match/scrim/practice going right away. In the console, type /admin_vote_map and you’re ready to roll. Sooo… all you die hard FF ON players out there, if you know of any FF OFF clans needing a CS server to play matches on, send ’em my way… and don’t forget to mention our reservation system :-)

Game stats are still frozen at their current state, right before the server was updated to CS 1.1. There has been *NO* word on the Intelistats site about any new updates at all to accommodate the new logging code associated with the CS update. Plus, their message forums seem not to function anymore. I’m going to e-mail their lead programmer and ask him when we can expect an update to the Intelistats program. If I don’t receive a reply, or do not receive an answer I want, I’ll switch to something else… soon.

Nexus is defending their #1 OGL CCTF title against XcP this Thursday night. I’ll have news about that as it happens.

That’s all for now folks… more news later this week.