Neverwinter Nights has gone GOLD!!

By K2 on June 12th, 2002 at 11:27 pm EST

Damn straight baby… one of THE most anticipated games of the 21st century, Neverwinter Nights, went gold yesterday. It’ll hit store shelves at or around the 18th of this month… muhahah!! :-P I’ve already pre-ordered the game from Best Buy, so I should have it the day or the day after release. I WILL be hosting a Hardfought NWN server for sure… dual P3-800 w/512 megs of ram. That may be enough horsepower to run 2-3 dedicated ports on that box and portal them together… could make my own decent sized persistent world for about sixteen or more players (I’m shooting for 32). I dunno… wont know what will be possible until I get the game in-hand and play around with it. NWN will run in console-mode just like Quake3 and CounterStrike does (but hopefully a lot more stable and less CPU intensive ;-) ) so I should be in familiar territory. Just so ya know, I wont bring up a server right away… I wanna play the single-player campaign first and get familiar with everything. During that time I’ll be working on a rough draft for my first campaign/module and also the backbone for the entire storyline so each campaign I make ties in with each other. Already got some ideas :-) Be sure to check back here regularly, I’ll post news as it happens concerning Neverwinter Nights.

Now, concerning DAoC – I’m officially retired from that mess. Qiand will take over as Hardfought guilds GM for the duration. However, a lot of Hardfought have gone over to play on the Albion realm on the Nimue server… plus a few others in our guild are retiring as well because of NWN being released (as well as other things). I saw on the Herald today that the next patch has some much-needed class balancing for spell-casters in all realms… but it’s just too little to late. At the pace Mythic has set for themselves… DAoC will never be ‘finished’. Ah well… any of ya that know me know that I’ve been waiting for NWN for a very long time, I probably woulda left anyways. Only reason I stayed as long as I did with DAoC was because of my guildmates and other friends in the game. It was an honor to fight along side/against you. If ya wanna jump ship and give NWN a round or two, just lemme know, I’m sure I can squeeze ya in ;-) Oh yeah… the Guinevere ‘Who’s Who’ picture page will remain up and active, and I’ll still continue to post pictures as they’re sent in. I wont drop the DAoC XML scripts on the right hand side here until our guild officially ends there, which may or may not happen… we’ll see.

G’nite gang.