Miscellaneous news Sunday

By K2 on January 14th, 2001 at 2:06 pm EST

Hiya peeps… hope you’re having a good weekend. Figured I’d wrap up some news-worthy items before I sit down to watch some football :-)

Last night I spoke with TJZ-Glock9 from the Tejaz Clan… he’s the founder and leader of a Texas-based clan HaDeS and I used to be members of for a long time back in the good ol’ Quake2 days. He runs the Abilene Arena Quake3 CTF and CTF Match server (, ports 27962 and 27965 respectively). As of today, if you need to reserve the Abilene Arena-Match port, you can do so via the ‘Reservation’ system from this site… just bring down the option menu, you can choose which server you need to reserve for a match/practice. Glock9’s contact info can be found on his server’s reservation form should you need to contact him for things like the join password or what not. A lot of you are already familiar with the Hardfought CTF Match port as well… now ya got two in the North Texas area. If one is already reserved, use the other one, and vice versa. Also… due to the growing popularity of Team Arena, I will be bringing up a Team Arena Match port within the next couple weeks, if not sooner… this will also be reservable from this site.

I finished installation of that Planet Half-Life map pack on the Hardfought CounterStrike port earlier this morning. As stated earlier, none of the maps in that pack are in rotation, but they are voteable. Just in case you forgot the list, the maps are cs_futurcom (final), de_deep6, de_heat, de_lazy, de_luxor, cs_middleages, de_chinatown, and de_village. If you haven’t grabbed this map pack yet, be sure to do so… it’s available in our ‘Files’ section.

Our messageboard was not accepting new posts for a bit… bleh :-/ After checking out the web-server I noticed that the file permissions had reset back to default for what I had set for the UBB folders… odd. It’s all fixed now though, only took like 2 minutes to get everything back to normal… so go post something :-P

Nexus has another OGL CCTF match coming up later this week, and probably another RA3 match as well. We’ve also worked out a weekly CCTF scrim with Immortal COIL starting this Thursday night, and we also have in the works the same kinda deal with clan Mage regarding RA3… w0oP!! More on those later…

Football time! See ya around…