Mini-K2 is a girl!

By K2 on September 19th, 2011 at 3:23 pm EST

If you’ve read any of the posts here from this summer, then ya know that my wife and I are having our first (and last, hah) baby. We found out this morning that we are definitely having a baby girl ;) Went in for our 20 week ultrasound and our baby decided to play nice and cooperate with the doc and not try to hide anything heheh, so yeah it’s definitely a girl. We have a name picked out already, but Jenn asked me to keep it under wraps until she’s born. Due date is on or around February 13th. The doctor also checked a whole list of things, making sure our lil mini-K2 is OK – got a clean bill of health from the doc, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Pretty excited at the moment… wondering how soon you can teach a kid to use a mouse and keyboard :-P

I’ll post a video of the ultrasound in the forum thread with this post, it’s pretty cool. Woot!!

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19 thoughts on “Mini-K2 is a girl!”

  1. Avatar K2 says:

    Ultrasound vid…

  2. Avatar Miracl3 says:

    Congrats keith…Parenting is boy is 8 now. Time flies….he was just bron when i came to HF

  3. Avatar Nad says:

    Congrats bro. We had our first girl after 4 boys about 5 months ago, and they’re great.

  4. Avatar sX says:

    I’ll always be the better looking kid. K? ALWAYS!

    <runs off crying>

  5. Avatar KillerClown says:

    lol Grats, again. Girls are great, one of my closest friends had twin girls a few years ago (err guess it’s more like 6 years at this point) (though the mother was an extremely stupid, crazy bitch), they love me to death. :D He had another baby a couple months ago which was a girl too though I’ve only seen her 2-3 times so far. The best part is the stupid bitch started some bullshit with him and his wife one day and ended calling the police claiming that him and his wife both assaulted her stupid ass (police got there and witnesses said neither of them touched her at all, police let him and his wife go home), it was his weekend to pick up the kids and she tried to start some shit and keep them, which in turn ended up in court in a custody battle, but amazingly enough he won (even though NC is HIGHLY biased towards the mother). (Which reminds me I need to stop being slack and go visit him and the girls, been a few months since I’ve seen them, pretty much since before the custody battle started.)

  6. Avatar KillerClown says:

    Why do you guys avatars show, but mine doesn’t, this WordPress crap is annoying. :P (I had to login to the wp side to make these 2 posts, there somewhere else I need to set my avatar?)

  7. Avatar K2 says:

    No you have to login both to the board and wordpress to get the avatar to show on the main page. WP-United hasnt been updated in forever, its prob been abandoned.

  8. Avatar K2 says:

    I only told you that you were a good looking kid so that I could mind fuck you later by saying you were so ugly not even KC would want to touch you, even after having a 12 pack.


  9. Avatar Best_predator says:

    Congrats K2!

  10. Avatar K2 says:

    Thanks pred! and everyone else also. Jenn can already feel the baby kicking, I even felt a lil nudge the other night when I had my hand on her stomach. She’s very active, hah. The other night I laid my acoustic guitar across jenn’s stomach when the baby was kickin around all over the place and played a lil tune. Calmed her right down.

  11. Avatar Suck. says:

    Congratulations Keith & Jenn! That’s fantastic news!


  12. Avatar Maverick says:

    Congrats Keith! Have that shotgun ready for the boys that’ll be knockin at your door lol.

    Our son Max just turned 1 on November 12th.

  13. Avatar sX says:



    So now I can use that Gladiator line on him? "They have to kill your name before they kill you… "


  14. Avatar Maverick says:

    Right on sX.

    And everytime he cries, I plan to yell in his face, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?".

  15. Avatar Suck. says:

    As explained by a morning radio jock here, with a boy, you only have to worry about one penis. With a girl, you have to worry about all of them.

    Glad to help out.


  16. Avatar K2 says:

    This is why I am allowed to go buy a shotgun.

    We leave for the hospital tomorrow :D I’ll post pics w/ update when she’s born.

  17. Avatar Relic says:

    Cool website bros.

    11 years woah.

    K2 couldnt find the pics but i stalked ur facebook. congrats dad!

  18. Avatar K2 says:

    Hey Relic. I posted a pic of her here when she was 6 weeks old (3.5 months now), strangely no one commented on it. It’s its own thread.

  19. Avatar Relic says:

    Well maybe theyre jealous of your magnificent breeding skills!

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