Match news

By K2 on November 15th, 2000 at 10:34 am EST

Got a couple matches coming up for Nexus… our first official matches as a team. Here’s what we got goin’ this week…

This coming Thursday, Nov. 16th at 9pm EST, we play Canadian Carnage for their #4 spot on the OGL CCTF open ladder.

The following Saturday, Nov. 18th at 9pm EST, we play Newfoundland Quakers for their #68 spot on the OGL RA3 open team ladder.

Neither clan has a website that I can find, so no links :-/ We’ll have stats and screenshots of the matches available as they happen, so check back soon if you’re interested in that kinda thing :-P

I plan on starting work on the roster this week sometime, I’ve gathered enough information to start finally… heh. The webserver will be down for just a little bit tonight as well as I add an extra 128MB RAM to the system (256MB total)… shouldn’t be down for more than a couple minutes tops. Oh yeah… got a nice surprise in store for everyone tomorrow. Don’t wanna let the proverbial cat outta the bag just yet… I’ll spring it along with our match results from our upcoming CCTF match later tomorrow. Catch ya later…