Map rotation changes, new admins, etc…

By K2 on July 15th, 2001 at 5:23 pm EST

Hello all… just doing a semi-quick news post here before I hit the road again on business. Let’s see what I have for you today…

OK, first off – some additions/changes to all three Hardfought CS ports. On both Hardfought CS public ports one and two (as most of you have been referring to them now :-P) the following maps have been *removed* from map rotation – cs_siege, de_rotterdam, de_dust (relax, dust2 is still in) and cs_mice_final. These maps are still available to be voted on, so if you just have that burning itch to play cs_mice_final, just start up a vote. Now, on the second Hardfought CS port, some custom maps have been *added* to rotation. These are – de_village, cs_galleon-f, cs_rio, de_bahrain, de_celtic, de_rise, cs_winternights, de_maresa and de_tombraid. If you haven’t already, please take the time to download all of these maps from the ‘Files’ section located on this website. If you’re not sure which maps/map packs to get, grab ’em all, it can’t hurt.

Speaking of maps and things, the Hardfought CS Match port has gotten somewhat of an overhaul today as well. I was taking a look around at the CAL website this morning and saw that their season two is starting next week, which entails a couple new custom maps needed for competition play and some slight changes to the CAL server and PunkBuster config. So… if you’re in a CS clan that just happens to play in the CAL CS league (all divisions) the Hardfought CS Match port is now *fully* compliant to CAL rules and requirements, on available maps, PunkBuster settings and server configuration. What changed exactly? A few new maps, like de_inferno_build22, de_clan1_mill and de_clan2_fire_build11… also strict adherence to what the CAL says is necessary for PunkBuster match settings (the cvar settings do not differ for what is required for the Hardfought CS tourney) and the loadable cal.cfg on the match port now reflects 12 rounds per match instead of the old 17 required. All maps listed for CAL league play are available for download in our ‘Files’ section as usual.

New admins! Yes, we have two new admins if you haven’t noticed already. Please welcome SaGe^KS and Camyen to our ever-increasing family of staff members. These two are on a one month probationary status starting off, and this will be standard procedure for any new admins in the future. Right now both these guys have limited admin access to the second public port only. At the end of the one month probationary period, if it’s deemed by the rest of the staff that these guys both pass muster, I’ll make their positions permanent. It was decided to add two more admins pretty quickly in light of the second public port gaining popularity rather fast. We may need to add one more admin in another month or so, so if you’re interested, gimmie a holler.

Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament news – gah! If I hadn’t been gone for so long last week and not been just dead tired things woulda gone as usual. However… TsK/RA and S-audiks/WTF – your matches need to be scheduled for this coming weekend (Thursday through Sunday, 19th-22nd). Campsalot will be in charge of making sure this gets done and things go smoothly while I am away, so if you need any help at all with anything tournament-related, he’s your whore err, man, at least for this week… :-P Good luck to all who play this coming weekend!!

In closing – all CS ports were updated to when I got back late last week. You can download the client-side version from the ‘Files’ section here if you haven’t done so already. Oh yeah… [KD]Cleaner!! Get with me man, so I can hook you up with your reserved spot for the month. Alright, I’m outta here. See you all next week, and have a good one.