Labor Day news

By K2 on September 3rd, 2001 at 11:46 pm EST

Heya gang. Hope your labor day weekend was a good one. Got some stuff to share with ya that I’ve been working on this weekend…

I’ve got the web content running off of the original web server again now that I have DSL again. Everything is back and in working order – email, MRTG scripts, CSCop on HF2, the whole deal… /me lets out a big sigh of relief. YES stats are back up and running… I just finished doing the HF ‘Hall of Fame’ on all three CS ports, so be sure to take a look at who had the most in which category for August. I’ll process the first batch of this months stats after I wrap up this news post.

Hardfought LAN Party – been waiting to finalize this for awhile before I started pushing this. I spoke with the two main guys that run the Fragwire LAN and website – we’re gonna consolidate resources and combine our LAN parties together. I’ve mentioned this before a few weeks ago but I never really got a chance to sit down face-to-face with these guys and hash things out until last night. Here’s what I can tell you for certain right now…

The LAN party will be October 19th-21st for certain, no date changes

The facility can accommodate 160 people comfortably, and more if need be

Location – 9200 Mid-Cities Blvd., North Richland Hills, TX 76180, at the Birdville ISD Fine Arts Bldg in the Birdville Stadium (Click Here for directions)

Yours truly is in charge of the CounterStrike tourney for this event :-P

Entry fee has gone up from 10 bucks a head to 30 dollars – that covers you for all three days

Lodging is available very close to where the LAN is being held, with discounts for attendee’s available

Several companies will be sponsoring this event, and will be present during the LAN – Gear Grip, Bawls, Alienware, just to name a few

I’ll let everyone know more details about what to expect as I get that information. Some of you might not like the 30 dollars a head entry fee, but once you learn what all is involved with this and the sponsors that are participating, the power and network setup necessary to run this right… you’re really getting off cheap. Not to mention there should be some kick-ass prizes to be given away during that weekend as well. Oh yeah…. did I mention that Fox TV News might be out there to do an interview with a few of ya? ;-) Heheh…

Now here’s an important part of this whole LAN party deal. You can either pay online in advance to secure a spot at the LAN, or you can just show up that weekend – no guarantees on a seat and the fee also goes from 30 to 35 per person. So… you definitely wanna register and pay online in advance. The way to do that is via PayPal, so if you don’t already have a PayPal account, go set one up *now* so you can reserve your spot at the LAN… PayPal account setup is totally free. Here’s the kicker on all this – do NOT use my PayPal link on this site to register. The Fragwire gang already has a PayPal account setup for this with an online database in place that shows who’s registered and when, etc. Be sure to visit the Fragwire website to register… the direct link to their registration form is here – I had the whole big link posted here but it fucked up the formatting, so now it’s just a ‘here’ link :-P Cool thing is, if you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can set one up via that link. Woo boy! This LAN is gonna fuckin’ rock… I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Be sure to check back here often, because I’ll be dishing out more info on a regular basis between now and the time of the event. And don’t forget to check out the Fragwire site as well… I made a link button to it on the left.

To wrap up – the Hardfought CS/Q3 game server is still going down this month :-( so get in as much frag time as ya can gang, as we’re just weeks away. Oh yeah… I took PunkBuster off of HF2 because it kept kicking legitimate authenticated players, saying they were not authenticated. Bah! Oh well. The kitten I have taken upon myself to care for is doing much better. Last Friday was touch and go but this weekend it’s strength came back twofold and is eating more per feeding. I think it may just pull through. He (I’m assumimg it’s a he, I can’t really tell yet) will be one week old in just a few hours after this post. I’m gonna do another voting poll on what I should name this cat. I’ll throw a few names out there, see how many I get shot down on :-P Take care folks, I’ll see ya online.