Labor Day news

By K2 on September 2nd, 2002 at 1:07 pm EST

Ok I’m a slacker, I admit it. First news post in a month. I’m bad, and must be punished. Err… :-P

Sorry for the lapse gang, I’ve been away quite a bit over the past few weeks. Been spending a lot of time down in Houston seeing Diana. We’re working on getting me moved down there sometime before the year is up, so I’ve been job-hunting as well. Because of that (and also to save some cash beforehand) I am opening up an account with and will have the Hardfought website and email services hosted through them. After taxes and such that will only cost me about fourteen bucks a month and that way I can downgrade my current and future DSL subscription to just a basic consumer account, which will save me a couple hundred extra dollars a month. I plan on having the site here transferred sometime this week… the move *should* be seamless, but if any issues arise, I’ll let ya know.

Something else some of ya may be interested in… I re-opened my DAoC account today! GAH!!!! ;-) It’s only for one month at the moment, just wanted to take a peek and see how things are going. Mythic actually saved my old Kaytuu character, including all of my gear, realm points, level and even my old GuildMaster status :-) I had some time this morning after work (after you say? I’ll explain that here shortly) so as soon as my account was reactivated I promptly went out on our frontier and helped our Midgard brethren there repel both the Albs and the Hibs, so we now have all of our keeps back at the moment. Got me a couple thousand RP’s to boot. Soooo… I figure I might as well get Kaytuu up to 50 (still 48 at the moment) and then I might start a ShadowBlade. Dunno yet. Anyways, the main thing is that I get to hang with all the friends I made while playing, I have missed that aspect of the game. Also, I’m going to bring back some of the DAoC content that was on this site as soon as I finish typing this post. So there ya go ;-P

Oh yeah… my job schedule changed. Again. I am now working Saturday – Monday like before but this time it’s from 6pm to 6am… gah! Oh well, I can adjust. This means I should be quite available for any early morning raids and such *wink wink*. See ya online gang, and have a good one.