Just checkin’ in…

By K2 on November 22nd, 2000 at 9:23 pm EST

Hello gang… figured I’d do a quick overview of things that have passed and things to come…

We *finally* received a forfeit win over Newfoundland Quakers on the OGL RA3 open team ladder this morning. Repeated requests sent to NfQ and the RA3 ladder admin from us produced zero replies, so we wound up having to go to the main overall Quake3 ladder admin to get anything done… /me sighs. Anyways… we’ve challenged Elements of Destruction for their spot on the RA3 open team ladder… match will be next week on the 30th at 9:30pm EST I believe. These guys actually play! :-) Me and Cy spoke to them earlier today… they seem like a nice bunch.

Extremely Cash Poor will try to defend their #3 spot on the OGL Classic CTF ladder against us on the 28th, around 10:30pm EST. That should be an interesting match, XcP has some really good players. Server hasn’t been decided yet… more on that later.

YES I’ll finish the roster this weekend, so everyone will have something new to look at for Turkey Day weekend :-P I’ll have some more stats ready to post for past matches as well. Have a good and safe holiday folks… see ya around.