HF game server moving back to Dallas

By K2 on January 27th, 2006 at 10:07 pm EST

I’m making this post just in case none of ya noticed Suck’s oh-so-subtle news post about our server query block to the right, hah ;-)

Before I say anything else, I want everyone to thank Greg (G$) for graciously hosting one of my rackmount servers for us at his place of work down in Houston to help keep the CS:S pub and match ports alive – free of charge. G$ went out of his way, giving up some of his personal time, to set up the box and making sure everything was running as it should, and then having to field all of the questions and requests I’d hit him with on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the network backbone Greg’s place of work ties into isn’t exactly the best from a gamer’s standpoint, which is why we took the server down the other day, and are moving it to a new home. Many thanks Greg for taking care of us in the interm!

Now, about our new home… I will be co-locating one of my two rackmount servers at http://www.colo4dallas.com – top-notch facility. Points of presence with several tier-1 internet backbone carriers, the major ones being Level3 and Internap. Yeah that’s right, Internap ;-) Not familiar with ’em? Do some research, look ’em up. Frankly, I am surprised Insomnia365 doesn’t have a contract with them. Bottom line though gang, is that your pings are gonna be just as good, if not better, than what they were before. And your traceroutes will most likely be a couple hops less than previously. Add all that up with a machine that’s actually faster (think dual Xeon 3GHz, 4GB ECC DDR SDRAM, and dual Ultra320 SCSI hard drives in a RAID 0 array) than the boxes we were leasing from i365… yeah. Game on folks :-P The cool thing about this is, the monthy fee is substantially less than what myself and the benefactors were having to shell out for beforehand. That doesn’t mean it’s cheap, but it is low enough that I feel it’s worth doing, in providing all of ya a decent place to play on network/hardware-wise. As far as the community and admins go… well, we already got that bit covered.

Launch time should be sometime January 30th… maybe the 31st. The IP address will be once I get everything checked out and setup. And before ya ask… no, there wont be any BF2 on this machine, if for anything because as far as I know, colo4dallas.com does not have any type of ranked server ip reservation with EA Games. That and my contract is for only 1000GB data transfer per month, and BF2 would eat that up in half that time. So it’s just gonna be CS:S (pub and match) for the time being.

So spread the word, help get the CS:S pub goin again like it was when we were with i365… shouldn’t be a problem once people see how good the pings and routing are gonna be. Hell, I may even install Source again ;-) Have a good weekend folks, see ya again soon…