HF clan Charlie squad tryouts, other crap

By K2 on May 20th, 2005 at 4:15 am EST

Man do I have a lot of shit to put out today… alright here we go…

As promised, the dates have been set for tryouts for our soon-to-be formed ‘Charlie’ squad’, and they are as follows:

    Thursday, May 26th, 7pm CST
    Saturday, May 28st, 7pm CST
    Sunday, May 29nd, 7pm CST (only if needed)

Phoenix will be in charge of the tryout process, so be sure to get with him via the messageboard or in IRC to show your intent and on which date you can make. The way the tryouts will work will most likely follow this format – we’ll grab five of ya and have you go up against five HF clan members, while other clan members spectate you. After we’re satisfied that we’ve seen enough, we’ll grab five more, rinse/repeat. Those who make the cut will be notified and an annoucement made soon afterwards… expect a couple days for that process to take place. Some things to be aware of for all of those who are wanting to tryout – while skill is obviously important, how well you can work in a team environment and your attitude will also be key factors in our determination on who makes the cut and who doesnt. So… good luck to all who tryout next week!

Server news – Valve released what as to be a ‘minor’ patch to CS: Source on the server side of things (no, the Terrorist hitbox issue was not addressed). Instead, this patch caused some severe issues and was making servers crash left and right. Valve just recently released a binary rollback of the initial patch, so everything should be good for now. However, one of the fixes to Source has broken the majority of the menu system in the Mani admin plugin we use. I messaged Alfred from Valve about it and his reply was that the plugin authors had been using a work-around hack to get those menus to display in the first place, and that ‘exploit’ has now been patched. So until Mani and other plugin authors go about the correct way of displaying and utilising those in-game menus, expect a lot of functionality to be broken.

Hardfought LAN #6 – the time is coming close gang… just a lil bit over a month til the event starts. I’m already starting to see a few people sign up now in anticipation. Keep in mind tho, I am about to tout this LAN as a ‘CPL boot camp’ as well – once that happens, we’re probably gonna see a lot of sign ups occur, especially within the last couple weeks before the LAN kicks off. So if you know you’re going to attend, it would be best to sign up now and secure your spot. Also, if for some odd reason you cant or wont pay via PayPal, you can pay at the door… just email me and let me know so I can count ya and secure your spot.

Personal shit – when I re-did my army contract to commit to our brigade switching over to Stryker (don’t know what that is? Google it) I knew we’d be going back to Iraq someday, but I didn’t anticipate that the date and timeline would already be set. August 2007 folks, that’s when I go back, and it’ll probably be another year-long deployment. So I got about two years and three months to party it up, hah ;-) Ah well… figured some of ya would be interested in that.

That’s it for now folks. See ya online.