Hardfought’s 11th Anniversary

By K2 on October 22nd, 2011 at 4:08 pm EST

Hardfought turns eleven years old today. Not so much a milestone as it is a longevity thing. Pretty cool in my opinion. So, for all three or four of ya that continue to visit and post here (not counting all you spam bots, hah!) when ya go out tonight, drink one for Hardfought’s birthday. Cheers ;)

10 thoughts on “Hardfought’s 11th Anniversary”

  1. Avatar sX says:

    Yes.. thank you HF for ruining my childhood and make me go out of town to visit old people who want to molest me.

    Yeah.. thanks..


    P.S. F U Glim..

  2. Avatar G$ says:

    Huzzah! Pop a cork! Only 2 more years till Hardfought is a teenager!

  3. Avatar SaGe^KS says:

    I often like to recollect on my gaming years. It kinda funny some of the things i’ve learned along the way. The people i’ve met, the stories I get to tell, the pictures from LAN parties gone by to prove yes I was a gamer nerd. Some people tell how much of my life i wasted. Some say that it was a unique experience they wish they could have shared. I glad to have spent a large majority of these good memories with you. HF will never really die. The stories will be past down to friends, neighbors, and our children. Let this site serve as moment of good times and great friends.

    Cheers to 11 years of HardFought and many more to come.


  4. Avatar Nad says:

    I’ll always look back on HF with fond memories of good friends. I do miss gaming with you all, was a load of fun. One of these days I’ll fire up CS:S and frag for old time’s sake.

    /hat tip

  5. Avatar Phoenix says:

    Sigh, the good old days, I miss it =(
    What are people playing (if anything) these days? I plan on picking up BC3 for the PS3 in the not to distant future but as it is I have no time to play cause law school eats my life.

  6. Avatar Miracl3 says:

    Yea kinda been awhile. Hell my son was just being born when i arrived here. He is now 8 and in 3rd grade.Never got to go to any LANs but i still had a blast on the CS:S servers. Playing alot of CoD on xbox 360 so if you’re on there hit me up. Gamertag: Miracl3pwnz I’ll have MW3 on release day

  7. Avatar doofy says:

    Happy bday HF! The days of gaming with all of you at the LAN and online were amazing. Great memories.

  8. Avatar sX says:

    STFU, doofy.


  9. Avatar K2 says:

    Thanks for all the comments and recollections folks.

    As far as gaming goes, I suppose BF3 and MW3 are the hits at the moment. Personally, I havent played anything more demanding than AoE2 since February when my main rig shit the bed. Which is probably a good thing.

    Maybe I’ll turn this site into a dating forum. sX could finally get laid :D

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