Hardfought website new host

By K2 on September 14th, 2002 at 9:00 am EST

If you’re reading this, then that means the changes I made to Hardfought’s DNS entries have propagated throughout the internet, and you are viewing this site at it’s new host location. Woot!

Why am I moving the website up to a web-hosting company after almost two years of running the server from home? For the simple fact of saving money. By doing this I can downgrade my current DSL subscription to a normal basic plan like what most people get and save close to an extra two-hundred bucks *a month*… that plus the power in my neck of the woods is a bit flakey (have had to suffer through black-outs in the past) or for whatever reason my web server would decide to lock-up while I am at work and cause the site and email to be down for hours before I could do anything about it. In other words, it’s a good move for a lot of different reasons ;-) The company I am going through is HostRocket.com and they can provide email, FTP, MySQL, cgi-bin as well as a ton of other services. It’s a pretty good deal for relatively cheap if you pay for several months in advance, so if ya need some decent web-hosting, give these folks at HostRocket a look.

There’s one downside to all of this however :-/ Before, I ran the msgboard database on msaccess. HostRocket only deals with MySQL databases. I can’t reliably convert the existing msaccess database to MySQL and be able to preserve all of the user accounts, posts and topics. Therefore all msgboard users will have to re-register, and all topics and posts from before will no longer exist here. Kinda like starting all over again. I apologize about that… not a whole lot I can do about it :-( Overall it’s for the best tho, MySQL makes a much better dbase than msaccess anyways.

Anyways, you should be seeing this post within a day from this posting if not sooner, and by this coming Monday at the latest. Catch ya later…