Hardfought turns six years old

By K2 on October 22nd, 2006 at 1:19 pm EST

Six years ago, Hardfought was born… started out of my apartment in Dallas, TX with a home-built dual P3-500, and a web server running off my home DSL line on an ancient dual Pentium Pro 200. Hardfought started out as a Quake III haven, but soon incorporated Counter-Strike, and the rest is history. Wanna reminisce a lil bit? Check out the archives of the very first post – http://www.hardfought.org/news/index.php/?m=200010&paged=2 – or have a look at the info/rules link to the left (I actually updated it a couple weeks ago, heh).

Every year on this date I’ll make a post, reflecting back on the previous years, amazed that the site, and it’s community, have lasted for so long. That holds true today for Hardfought’s sixth anniversary. We’ve had our ups and downs; our glory days, and times where it seemed there wouldn’t be any kind of activity going on for quite some time. But regardless of the games, or of servers being available or shut down, the community has always lasted. And that’s the one thing that makes Hardfought so special, and makes us what we are that sets us apart from the multitude of other gaming communities out there. We get together at least once a year to not just play games, but to socialise, get to know each other, have a great time. We discuss a wide range of topics on the message board… things that make you laugh, others that make you think, and even discussions that help each other out, with issues large and small. Granted I don’t surf the web that much, visiting other online gaming communities… but when I do, I rarely find other communities that have lasted as long, or have the depth of character, that we have right here.

When starting something new, you never stop and think about ‘oh, I wonder how long this will endure’. You just make it, and roll with it, for as long as you’re able to. Six years ago, I woulda never thought that Hardfought would make it as far as it has, and have evolved in the way it has formed. So… here’s to Hardfought turning six, here’s to the community that makes Hardfought what it is, and here’s to several more years to come.

Happy Birthday Hardfought!! :-P