Hardfought turns FOUR

By K2 on October 22nd, 2004 at 11:13 am EST

That’s right folks, on this day four years ago Hardfought was born. Hard to believe we’ve lasted this long… started out strong, went into hibernation mode there for a bit, but now we’re back, about as strong as ever with CS: Source and things are starting to get back to the way they were back in ‘the day’. Nice to see the HF community grow again… new players, new admins and all new political discussions on the msgboard that are guaranteed to piss off at least 1/3rd of you ;-) So… here’s to Hardfought and her community, it wouldn’t have lasted this long without ya. And thx to everyone out there who’s stuck around to help keep it alive and kicking.

Oh let’s see, what else… did I mention I finally got around to uploading more pictures from here in Iraq? Yeah that’s right… about 140 or so, back-logged as far back as July, heh :-P So go take a look, there are some good snapshots there. It’s a mix of picture that myself as well as some of the others from mortar platoon have taken, and even a few from a ‘combat camera’ that followed the platoon a couple times out and about.

Gotta run, but before I do, be on the lookout here for a couple different announcements, specifically for the next Hardfought LAN (thinkin’ late February 2005) and also for the first official Hardfought CS: Source tournament. More on both of those later (there’s a msgboard post regarding the tourney already).

Take care gang. See ya online.