Hardfought turns 6 months old today!!

By K2 on May 11th, 2001 at 9:01 pm EST

Hardfought turns six months old today… I honestly never thought I’d last this long and have things going as well as they have been. I remember late last year, sitting down with HaDeS, trying to think of a name for the server and what games we’d run on it and stuff. If anyone had asked me then if I’d be running a CounterStrike port I probably woulda rolled outta my chair from laughing so hard :-)

I just wanted to take this time to say Thank You Very Much!! to everyone who’s helped make Hardfought what it is today, and what it’ll grow to be in the future… everyone from the admins that help me keep the level of gaming quality high on the game ports to the players who frequent the server and the message boards here. Without any of ya, none of this would be what it is today. Sooo… thank you again, very very much :-) Hopefully the next six months and beyond will be just as good if not better than the last six.

To show my appreciation to everyone… and I know it’s a small gesture but it’s the best that I could think of at the time… I am announcing the Hardfought CounterStrike Invitational Tournament. I’ll be inviting twelve clans to participate in a double-elimination CS tournament, complete with a winners/losers bracket and (pocket-book willing :-P) prizes for the top team winner, and maybe the second and third-place teams as well. I’ll announce the details later this month… hopefully next weekend. If things go smoothly we can probably kick this off and have teams start playing as early as the end of this month. And if this tournament is a success, I’ll host another, larger one, and try to get a sponsor or two to help out with prizes.

Stick around folks, and if you’re in a clan and play on Hardfought a lot, lemme know about it. Things are gonna start getting a bit more exciting around here :-)