Hardfought server back UP, match/scrim news

By K2 on November 18th, 2000 at 12:57 am EST

Ooh boy do I have a bunch of news for ya tonight :-P Where to begin…

First off… the Hardfought gaming server is back up, and on a much better network than what it previously was on. The server is still being co-located here in the Dallas area, but hosted by a completely different company… Directlink. Their network peers directly with UUNET… that plus the services they offer make one helluva difference. The Hardfought box was first setup with another company that was tied in with Digex… anyone who used RoadRunner or @home for their broadband cable connection would get real shitty pings to the server, all because of a few core routers in the Digex network they were being routed through (ironically, people in Texas were getting the worst pings… go figure). Incoming packets seem to route *much* better than before coming through UUNET’s backbone… I’ve seen some players pings as low as 11 milliseconds… doh! That’s better than what I get :-P If any of you happen to have Directlink as an ISP and using DSL, you’re going to enjoy an extremely low ping. Soooo… I’ve resurrected the public Classic CTF and RA3 ports, as well as the q3comp match port, which is available for reservation… just follow the links to the left…. and go play, dammit! :-) Oh yeah… as per the agreement I have with Directlink, I will also be hosting a public Half-Life CounterStrike port… more on that later.

OK second on my list… Nexus has played one match and two scrims in the past two days, and we still have another match coming up later tonight… *whew* I’ve updated the ‘Battles’ section to reflect our record… so far undefeated as a team :-) First we played Canadian Carnage for their #4 spot on the OGL Classic CTF open ladder, winning by a score of 17-0. The match was supposed to be 30 minutes but somehow settings got mixed up and about nineteen minutes into the match we realized time was almost up. That worked out OK because Canadian Carnage had another 2vs2 match to play shortly after our match, and waived their right to extend the match another 10 minutes. Good game out to those guys, they played a lot harder than our last meeting. Next day we had two CCTF scrims, first against Immortal COIL and then Masters at Destruction a couple hours later. We pulled off a win on each scrim but each game was close… with COIL we had taken an early lead but then they came right back to even it up. We didn’t start to pull ahead until close to the end of the game. Playing MaD was almost the opposite… they came out *strong* at the beginning, pulling ahead by about 3 flag captures before we could get a groove on… was a very close game up to the final last couple of minutes. Scores were 9-4 and 5-3 respectively. Good games to everyone! Everybody was very sportsman-like.

I *would* have stats up for those past three games… however, GibStats has decided to be a lil bitch and not cooperate. When reading the log file… it will grant the flag carrier 15 points for his/her cap, but wont grant the rest of their team 10 points like it’s supposed to do. It worked fine the first time I used it… don’t understand why it’s not working now. The database is just the same as it was the first time I parsed the logfile… hmm. I have the log files from each match so whenever I do get GibStats working properly I’ll have the stats posted… for now you’ll just have to settle for screenshots :-)

All that’s left to do right now is the roster and the network status link… yay! Check back tomorrow for results of our first RA3 match against Newfoundland Quakers. See ya!