Happy New Year!!!

By K2 on January 1st, 2001 at 2:12 pm EST

Wouldn’t ya just know it… a brand new year, new century, a new *millennium*… and it has to start on a MONDAY…

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps!!! Wo0p :-P Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday… weather has been nasty out there for a lot of ya. Stay in, play some Quake or Half-Life… oh wait, looks like a lot of you have been doing just that :-) Ok, down to business…

First off… I have just now completed our ‘Files’ section which can be accessed via the link to the left. There are all *sorts* of goodies there for everyone to download. Every file you need to play on any of the Hardfought ports, whether it’s CounterStrike or Quake3, can be found there, along with a few extras, such as custom maps (all of which can be played on the Hardfought CTF Match port), clan Nexus match/scrimmage demos, etc. I still have some work to do on the maps section, it’s just Quake3 maps at the moment. There are quite a few CS maps uploaded to that FTP server, but I haven’t had a chance to go thru all of them yet… I’ll need help from Vicious on that. Downloads are capped at 60K/sec to conserve on bandwidth, but that should be plenty fast for most of you.

Nexus had an OGL RA3 team open match scheduled for last Friday with Immortal COIL, but both teams agreed to postpone the match until this coming Thursday, January 4th at 9:00pm EST. I’ll have stats, demos and screenshots available of that match after it’s finished.

The Hardfought Team Arena port is now utilizing a server-side only back end called SCTA, or Super Configurable Team Arena. You can change *several* aspects of the game, including weapon/item/powerup/tech respawns, scoring, how the techs and weapons act, a modified MOTD, id code bug fixes… the list goes on and on. Right now I have SCTA set pretty conservatively… the only changes I’ve made are to the MOTD, techs/powerups/holdable items/ammo/flags can be dropped, voice taunt spamming has been greatly reduced, and the BFG has been replaced with a railgun. SCTA also fixes the server command overflow bug many of us have experienced during map changes, and it also prevents the mega-guard exploit. The list of drop commands are as follows…

/drop flag – drops the flag

/drop ammo – drops five units of ammo of whatever weapon you are holding

/drop holdable – drops items like the teleporter, medkit and kamikaze

/drop persistent – drops whatever tech you currently have, sends it back to it’s respawn point

/drop powerup – drops whatever powerup you have, like the quad, regen or haste

There’s still more work to be done on SCTA, but so far I am happy with it, and it seems the majority of players are as well. Just a side note here… as of this morning the Hardfought Team Arena port is ranked the 9th most popular CTF server according to the CLQ… and the Team Arena Demo port is ranked #1 in the same category… heh :-) The Hardfought Counterstrike port hasn’t been able to break into the top 50 on the CLQ yet, but it’s always full. So thanks out to everyone who’s helped me with the server and especially to everyone who plays there and enjoys it… you’ve helped make Hardfought one of *the* best game servers around.

Before I wrap this up – the CTF Match port has been updated to Q3Comp version 2.03b, and the CounterStrike real-time server stats HAVE been updated, but for some reason the main list still shows 12/31/2000… odd (EDIT – um, seems to have fixed itself now… nevermind). Also, all of December’s news has been archived. Anyways… see ya online.