Happy 4th of July!!!

By K2 on July 4th, 2002 at 10:45 am EST

Happy Independence Day gang. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday today… America turns 226 years old today so treat her well.

Today’s news post centers around the upcoming Hardfought LAN party, which kicks off in just over two weeks time. For those of ya not in the know, it’s being held the weekend of July 19th – 21st at The Gaming Center in Irving, TX. The signup form is still active on the left frame here, so go sign up if you still wanna attend. There’s a one-time fee of thirty bucks which will cover expenses for the whole weekend. Ok… I promised everyone some details about the LAN, so here ya go…

Location of LAN – 1625 N. Story Rd. #162 Irving, TX, 75061 – Directions from The Gaming Center’s site read ‘We are located less than one half mile south of 183 on the west side Story Rd in the Plymoth Park North shopping center. Turn RIGHT at the light just past KFC. Look for the TGC Sign above the center’.

Hotel nearby – La Quinta Inns & Suites (brand new) 4105 W Airport Fwy Irving, TX, 75062 (972) 252-6546 – EML has already reserved one room for us there for people to take quick showers or to crash for a bit or whatever. Nightly rate there is around $35/night. This hotel is around 2-3 miles away from The Gaming Center so this would prolly be your best bet for getting a place to stay if you haven’t already made other arrangements.

Start time – The LAN will kick off at 5pm CST Friday and last until sometime in the afternoon on the following Sunday. Besides playing computer games, we’ve got plans to go out for dinner together on that Friday night, and spudboy is hauling in the mother of all grills to BBQ for everyone on Saturday (when ya see spudboy, give ’em a lil cash for food and stuff).

Games to play – anything goes here folks. Some of the main titles will be CS and NWN, but you can play whatever ya want. The Gaming Center also has an internet connection so if anyone attending needs their DAoC fix or whatever, it should be possible.

And that should cover most of the important stuff. Oooh one more thing… for those that haven’t pre-paid via PayPal – if you can pre-pay that’d be GREAT, if not, I’ll need your fee up-front at the door when you walk in.

That’s about it :-) If you have any other questions about the LAN, just ask… either by email or via the new msgboard I put up a couple days ago. Have a good one gang, see you online.